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Ayur Herbal Deep Pore Cleansing Milk - 200ml-Bd ৳ 275
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ayur Herbal Massage Cream With Orange- 250ml-BD৳ 139
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Ayur Herbal Massage Cream With Mango - 250ml-BD ৳ 139
Ayur deep pore cleansing milk 100 ml india৳ 274
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AYUR Beauty & Skin Care Herbal Brand Online in Bangladesh 


Herbal & Aroma Are Becoming Popular in Beauty Treatments!

Many people suffer from side effects due to the use of artificial materials in beauty treatments. In order to stay away from this problem, people are turning to nature for beauty treatments. Herbal and natural ingredients have become important at this time people are going back to nature again. Many people are benefiting from beauty products through the use of herbal products from nature to natural ingredients.


Since 1984, Three-N-Products Pvt. Ltd. The company has been in the herbal cosmetics business for a long time with the Ayur Herbal brand name and its launch is a reflection of the needs of the customers. The main goal of the Ayur brand is to become a one-stop solution for all beauty and cosmetic needs and provide a wide range of Ayur brand beauty. Their branded beauty cosmetics are prepared strictly with herbal ingredients so that a customer can see themselves great without bothering with any side effects on the skin and hair.

The Tagline of Ayur Brand

The tagline of Ayur brand is Ayur Herbal, “Close to Nature Close to You”. In addition to their tagline, the Ayur brand is always looking for fellowships to promote its range of herbal products around the world as the company firmly adheres to the line "Together we grow, together we grow faster".

Foreign AYUR Herbal Product Brand in Bangladesh Market

There is also a possibility of skin cancer starting from mechta on the skin by using different types of fake herbal products. Herbal products are widely used in our country and as such, the Indian brand AYUR is the name of a trusted beauty herbal brand. Any type of facial is also done in the parlor with Ayur Facial Massage Cream. Even women who are aware of the beauty of the country prefer Ayur in one sentence as a facial cream.

AYUR Brand Products Are Being Exported in Many International Ways!

Ayur brand's herbal products, after being successfully established in their domestic market, are now in an optimal mood to repeat its success story across the international market. And so Ayur's products are currently being exported to countries like the USA, Mauritius, Nepal, Bangladesh, Panama, West Indies, Thailand and South Africa. Because the Ayur brand wants to capitalize on the ‘business partnership concept’ of their Ayur herbal cosmetics with stimulus and practicality.

The Role of Herbal Products in Beauty

Men and women who are conscious in the practice of beauty and beauticians want to choose herbal ingredients or herbs first. With less side effects, more and more people are turning to aroma and herbal medicine. The list of beauticians' favorites and herbal ingredients is getting a place in the first row.

Ayur Herbal Brand of Beauty & Skin Care Products

Ayur Brand's independent R&D center is divided into different sections to test, receive and inform their products. Most of them are equipped with Ayur brand's foreign advanced equipment and as a result of their good quality products produced. Their herbal products include Hair Care, Skin Care, Suncare, and Body Care. 

And all these products consist of considerable experience and strong ability of scientific research in the field of research and development, always giving way to new formulas and adapting to the needs of the client, controlling and improving the process related to production technology.

Many People Have Very Limited Ideas About Toner. Why Use Toner?

Toner should be applied before applying cleanser and moisturizer on the skin. It can absorb such a liquid quickly. This liquid removes dirt, excess oil, and makeup from the skin. It also works to maintain the right pH balance of the skin and control acne. The toner brightens the skin by removing dead cells from the surface of the skin. 

Many cannot distinguish between astringents and toners. Both but alcohol is added. However, alcohol-free toner is also available in the market. Toner can be used every day (Face Toner Uses). But because of the high levels of alcohol in astringents, it dries the skin.

Herbal Products Are Better Than Chemical Products

Now in the present era, the role of New Life Style and Modern LifeStyle products is much more. People are now leaning towards their own things and the role of looking for a natural makeup laser skin care herbal is much more developed. Girls now do many types of chemical treatments. However, cosmetologists will suggest that if you take care of yourself with herbal products without using chemical products or treatment, you will benefit.

Shop For AYUR Herbal Products From

The Ayur brand always ensures that the customer gets its value for money and this is the most prominent factor behind the successful organization of Ayur and has a growing influence in the domestic market and other countries. You can also browse our site for this sure good quality herbal product for more details.