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Axxis Helmet in Bangladesh

Axxis helmet manufacturing company generally manufacture helmets for the bikers. It is a Spain-based company. They produce good quality helmets.

A helmet is a safety product that is used when riding a motorcycle. Accidents on any vehicle are seriously considered. A motorcycle is a vehicle where there is no other way to prevent an accident without braking, the rest of the safety measures have to be done by yourself. Motorcycle accidents are among the most damaging if a head injury occurs. And so to save the head has to be considered with utmost importance.

When buying a helmet, make sure that the helmet covers the head to the jaw. Before buying, you need to see if it is clearly visible through the transparent plastic lid on the front. All types of helmets are made with comfort in mind and to protect the head from any accidents.

Young people nowadays like to wear fashionable helmets. Their favorite is a slightly different shaped helmet than the traditional round helmet. The front of these helmets is a little eye-catching. Besides, many people are buying durable and heavy helmets. The front of one of the eyes is open, and the glass is placed in the other. There is transparent glass and polarized, also known as mercury.

Types of Helmets

There are 3 basic types of bike helmets. All types of helmets are made to be comfortable and to protect the head from any kind of accident.

General Helmet 

A lucrative helmet for recreation, commuter, road, and mountain riders. These helmets are popular with skaters and skateboard players. Visors are added to this helmet to protect the eyes from the sun.

Mountain-bike Helmet 

This helmet can be used by almost riders. This type of helmet is designed to enjoy good open air at low speeds. It is distinguished by visors, has an advanced strong design to protect the rear head.

Road-bike Helmet 

This type of helmet is light in weight, has normal ventilation, and is very well designed. It is fitted with visors, which reduce the weight of the helmet.

Features of a Good-quality Helmet

Full Face Protection

Mountain riders ’helmets have a chin bar wrapped around them, which provides face protection to mountain and park riders.

Visors or Masks

Some riders attach sunlight-resistant masks to helmets. This is normal for mountain bikers. A viscera, however, weighs very little and reduces front air pressure.


The holes in the helmet allow air to circulate over the head. Which keeps the head cool and helps to ride the bike comfortably. The more holes, the lighter the helmet.

Helmet Weight and Longevity

Helmets must be light and strong.

Helmet and Glass Colors

You can buy white helmets for hot weather and black for winter. You can use light black or watercolor glass when choosing glasses, however, one thing to keep in mind is to avoid too much black glass or mercury glass because you cannot ride a bike at night with mercury glasses.

The quality of the Glass

The quality of the glass must be good, if the scratch resistance is good, then it will not stain easily.


The strap system is comfortable and easy to attach and open.


Some helmets have holes on the back for long hair. Which is called hairport.

Steps for Wearing a Helmet Properly

A good size helmet should be worn, which can protect against any kind of accident. It should sit with the front edge like a seat on your head or be worn over your eyebrows so that the forehead is protected. The helmet should be turned back and forth and placed on your head properly. Note that if it moves more than 1 inch, then the size of the helmet has to be adjusted.

When fitting, adjust the size of the helmet before fitting your helmet. Sizing rings are fitted inside almost all helmets to adjust the fit size. If the helmet is fitted properly, turn the sizing ring and fasten it to the required fit. Next, the straps should stick well. The straps should be fastened in the shape of a V and the ears should be open. The straps will fit on the sides of both ears at a comfortable fit.

Lastly, the chain straps are fitted for the convenience of moving your face. It should be fastened to the top of the head. You create the fit you need. Remember, too much extra tight fit is not comfortable for you.

Some Popular Helmets from Axxis Brand

Axxis Draken Bomb Gloss Helmet

This gorgeous and outstanding designed helmet gives proper safety with 

A great style.

Some Important Features

Few sizes are available that provide a guarantee of the right fit with maximum safety. The helmet is made of a polycarbonate shell that gives safety to a rider. It also has multiple vents to ensure riders’ comfort and free from suffocation. The inner part is made of multi-layered EPS.

Now you can buy original Axxis branded helmets that are imported from Spain. To order, please visit and browse in the helmet section.