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AXON K-80 Mini Hearing Aid৳ 890
Axon X Hearing Aid৳ 1350
AXON X-168 Wireless Earhook Hearing Aid৳ 680
AXON F-18 Hearing Aid Mini Pocket In Ear Wired Volume Adjustable Sound Voice Amplifier Health Ear Care৳ 950
AXON HEARING AID Machine, Hearing Machine X168, Hear Machine৳ 790
Axon K-88 Rechargeable Hearing Aids৳ 2900
AXON X-168 Wireless Earhook Hearing Aid৳ 900
Axon A-155 Rechargeable Hearing Aid৳ 4600
AXON Kitchen Canisters & Jars - Sliver ৳ 1200
Axon A-155 Rechargeable Hearing৳ 2390
AXON HEARING AID X-168 Sound Enhancement Amplifier Behind The Ear Hearing Machine৳ 600
Axon Hearing Aid Model: X-168 Hearing Aid৳ 1100
AXON K-80 Mini Hearing Aid৳ 1200
AXON K-82 Ear Hearing Aid Sound Amplifier Digital Hearing Aids For Elder Deaf Hearing Loss৳ 1300
AXON X-136 Pocket Hearing Aid for Hearing problem৳ 850
AXON X-136 Pocket Hearing Aid for Hearing problem৳ 850
Axon 168 Hearing aid ৳ 799
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AXON Hearing Aid Brand Online in Bangladesh


AXON Hearing Aid Brand

Includes the Axon Hearing Aid brand under Senlan Electronic company. And this Senlan Electronic has been a manufacturer of hearing aids and necessary equipment since 2002 and has been a priority in this industry. Axon Hearing Aids Company brand has come up with their hearing aid products for the use of those who have less hearing due to hearing loss.

Functionality of AXON Hearing Aid Products

The AXON brand has come up with their hearing aid products. Which is a kind of hearing aid that does not have to carry any extra wires or devices. It can only be applied to the ears. It doesn't fall out of the ear even after running or jumping, making it a very protective solution.

There is a very soft covering inside the ear so that it does not hurt with the hearing aid. With a small (watch) battery attached, there is an option to turn the sound up and down, so those who have less problems can use it by reducing the volume. It also comes with three different sizes of rubber that can be adjusted for different ages and ear holes.

Hearing Aids Are Now in Small Sizes!

Hearing aids make people older - a notion many people have heard about. This idea has become obsolete. Earlier hearing aid was big to see. Today they are much smaller, almost invisible. Most people are not aware that anyone is now using hearing aids. With a hearing aid, the situation can now be easily managed, listened to and adapted.

Hearing Aids Are Not Just for Adults!

With age, many people's eyesight and hearing also become weak with time. All these things can happen even at a young age. With the help of modern technology, hearing aids have become smaller and stronger, so it is not easy to see. As a result, it can be used without hesitation.

The sound reaches the ears of most people at normal levels. In the ears of some people the sound is very dull and almost silent. Life can be endangered in such a situation on the road. So now there are solutions for people of all ages to use hearing aids.

What Kind of Hearing Aid Should Be Given for A Child's Hearing Problem?

After proper examination of the ear, the hearing aid is selected according to the ability to hear. Along with the power of the machine, the quality of the sound is also important. Because if they can't hear clearly, there is a problem in learning to speak. 

So of course digital hearing aid should be selected and it is for both ears. We can hear better and understand the source of sound by wearing two hearing aids in two ears which have been tested. Therefore, two ear digital hearing aids should be provided for the child.

"The Need for Hearing Aids Depends on Age"

Decreased ability to hear causes a decrease in the ability to express thoughts and instantaneous intelligence and mental retardation. This is also true of children or older people. Hearing loss is due to recurrent infections with bacteria or viruses, living or working in loud noises for a long time. 

Even dirt accumulation in the ears, ear closing, fungal infections in the ears, birth defects, etc causes hearing problems. Therefore, when using a hearing aid, with the advice of an ear specialist, the hearing aid should be used according to age.

What Is The Price of A Hearing Aid in Bangladesh?

Hearing aids are used for hearing loss. These have different levels. Earlier some less expensive machines were available. Now more expensive machines are available in Bangladesh according to the brand. Some costs are rising to improve technology. 

All technology is being used for better hearing in the ear. But for that you have to pay a little higher price. There are more prices starting from five / six thousand taka. However, there are some cosmetic issues involved with these. Machines that are inside the ear, not understood from the outside, are a little more expensive.

Buy AXON K-80 Mini Pocket Hearing Aid From Ajkerdeal

Get the AXON Mini Pocket Hearing Aid Model: K-80 Mini from our site. Hearing Aid Max Sound System Gain Uptu 30Db Mini. Hearing Aid designed invisible and comfortable to wear and easy to adjustable volume control. 

Small size but you will get power in a great way. You will get a loud and clear voice with easy operating. High Sensitive Included battery & extra air piece CE approval which will give you at least 1 year warranty. With the help of a hearing aid audiologist, you need to determine if you need a hearing aid and how much it can improve your hearing.