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Buy AVEENO cream lotion peel of mask cosmetics in online at low price in bd


About Aveno

We create holistic healthcare solutions and therapeutic products to nurture and balance your skin. Because when your skin feels good, you can't help but feel good. And it changes everything from the way you look at how you perceive the world.


Our goal.

At Aveno, everything is rooted in our belief that balance is the key to wellness. That’s why we use groundbreaking science to transform nature’s ingredients into products that balance and renew your skin. Including clinical results to prove their effectiveness.


Nature's good + true science

How do we balance the two?

First, we carefully cultivate our natural ingredients in ideal conditions, then cut it in an environmentally friendly way.

Our activation process retains the goodness of nature without excess heat or unnecessary chemical solvents. That means our natural ingredients are pure and strong.

Finally, we tested our formulas by balancing them. Through extensive clinical trials, we have found evidence that everyone re-balances the skin, so it appears healthier and healthier over time.



"Good enough" is never good enough for Avenue our internal standards for safety testing and material quality are much higher than those set by regulators around the world. Our products are not animal tested, with rare exceptions when required by law.

We think about every ingredient we use in each of our products, where it comes from, what it does and how it affects you and your skin.

Our rigorous 5-step safety assurance process uses only such components.



A little bragging. Since starting work with the Aveno Mayo Clinic, our research has made major contributions to skin health sciences.

Our research and development team has conducted more than 80 clinical studies published in scientific journals since 2001.

The efficacy and safety of colloidal oatmeal products have been evaluated in more than 25 studies, involving more than 2500 patients with dry and combination skin, including xerosis and mild psoriasis.

Most recently, we found that the prebiotic properties of oats are fundamental to balanced, vibrant skin, promoting a balanced skin microbiome.

We have tested over 100,000 different natural ingredients over the years to ensure they are adequately protected and beneficial for skin health. These studies are the inspiration that makes up the whole line of products.


Feel your best start with beautiful skin

Do it when your skin feels beautiful. With ingredients like Triple Oat Complex and Natural Shea Butter, AVEENO® Body Care replenishes the skin's natural moisture and keeps it smooth, soft and naturally healthy


Body products by type

Discover body care products that restore and replenish your skin from head to toe.


Put forward your best fax

AVEENOⓇ facial products cover a wide range of needs - from calming sensitive skin to fighting the signs of aging - which helps you celebrate what keeps you and your skin in balance.


Glasses products by type

Discover face care products packaged with a variety of skin-care ingredients.


We believe beautiful hair starts from the root


From farm-to-shower, our oats are blended in the perfect balance with nutrients to help soothe your scalp and nourish your strands.

For beautiful hair from root to tip, feed your strands with our new unique blend.


Hair collections by type


Discover the perfect blend of the perfect scalp for your hair through our farm-inspired collection of showers.


Sun War Free Up Up

The best sun care makes you feel anxious. Avenor’s strong and hydrating sun protection with Bid Spectrum SPF keeps your skin safe and healthy so you can enjoy the sunny moments without any worries.


Typing Sun Products

Discover non-comedogenic sunscreens for mild, yet powerful broad-spectrum SPF protection.


Sensitive skin calls for special care

Lots of love for your little one goes to the AVEENO® formula. With natural ingredients like oat extract, you can feel good by soothing each product gently and protecting your baby's skin.


Baby products by type

Soft skin makes for a happy baby. That's why we've created our eczema therapy collection with oats to soothe your baby's itchy, burning skin with eczema.


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