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Avanti Kitchenware in Bangladesh | AjkerDeal


Avanti is an Australian kitchenware brand, that produces different kinds of kitchen products such as stove, water purifier, cooking set air fryer, etc. 

The big challenge nowadays is to ensure eating safe food. Everyone is aware of taking healthy food. People now prefer to eat healthy food to protect the health of everyone in the family and to serve healthy food. Avanti Kitchen products are quite affordable, comfortable, and safe for making quality food.

Air Fryer

It is possible to reduce the incidence of many diseases by controlling the use of oil in food. Oil causes physical harm to many people, especially those who have heart diseases. Excess oil is harmful to the body. This oil causes various diseases including heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, overweight, indigestion, gastric, cancer, and many more. However, oil and spices are scattered in the taste buds of Bengalis. It is possible to cook without oil, delicious food can be cooked without using oil. This will keep the taste of the food intact and will not be harmful to health.

Importance of an Air Fryer

In a busy life, managing all household chores is a challenging task. The air fryer has gained wide popularity among health-conscious buyers. Any food can be fried or toasted without oil in an air fryer. In the air fryer, french fries, chicken fries, and a variety of cholesterol-free delicacies without oil can be made easily. It also has the facility to bake and roast, which is capable of cooking up to 60 percent fat-free. Cooking within 30 minutes has the advantage of automatic shutdown. Foods that need to be cooked in deep oil can be made with this machine. It can also be used to make normal cakes and birthday cakes, pastries, pancakes, etc.

There are all kinds of instructions in the air fryer for the users, what kind of food should be cooked at what temperature, and for how long. As a result, this air fryer is very easy to use. The air fryer has a heater, which is heated by the flow of electricity. This causes the air in the upper fan to heat up in such a way that the food becomes crispy and brown or golden in color.

Air fryers have been added to the daily household goods collection to eliminate the hassle of modern housewives. Not only this fryer reduces the cost of cooking, but buy also it helps in healthy cooking.

Some Notable Features of Air Fryers


Some fryers for foods like fries or chicken come with pre-programmed settings. This can be rather useful when one is first experimenting with the fryer. one can always become more familiar with it as he can tweak the time and temperature.


When buying an air fryer, it is important to take power into consideration. The fryers can hold a whopping of approximately 1.8 pounds. The fryer can be used for daily cooking. 


At first, the user needs to be sure that she can control the outlet capacity of her kitchen. Most fryers use some 800 to 1400 watts. The higher the watt is used, the faster the food will be cooked.

Some Products from Avanti 

Avanti Air Fryer

The electric power of this fryer is 1400 watt. The heat transfers up to 1400 watt is sufficient to meet all kinds of cooking requirements. The fryer is can cook a variety of dishes at their fingertips with an automated program that will give more time for relaxation. It really saves time. The fryer contains halogen bulbs. The heat from the high-effective halogen bulbs come with an automatic control system for up to 60 minutes. The capacity of this electric fryer is 10 liters. It is easy to use with a different cooking program. 

Avanti Active Water Purifier

The filtration system of active hydrogen alkaline includes a nano-silver ceramic filter layer and nano-silver activated carbon micro-block with

activated nano-silver carbon beads and high-mineral stones adding minerals that are similar to deep-sea minerals. This purifier has high efficiency to eliminate active oxygen by creating balanced ions and minerals. 

The controlling LED panel of this water filter is easily operated by only the touch of a finger. The display screen is easy to understand with explanations in the English language. The installation of the filter is very convenient It can be fitted under the sink or on the wall also.

Avanti 16 Piece Cooking Set

Avanti has brought 5 layers of stainless steel with an alloy core. It is newly designed, looks elegant, and attractive. The sets are made of 18/10 stainless steel. Five layers of metalcore are composed of 430 stainless steel, copper, 304 stainless steel, and two layers of aluminum for elegant appearance durability of the sets. The cooking pots transfers the heat from the stove to food immediately to preserve the nutrition. The handle of each pot is designed to be a unique masterpiece in Avanti’s special friendly style.

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