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Atlas Cycles Online In Bangladesh | AjkerDeal


Atlas is counted as one of the pioneers of cycle companies in the sub-continent for six decades. It is an Indian brand. Atlas strived to move ahead with technological upgradations, never-ending zeal, user-friendly innovations, and backward and forward integration constantly.

In this age of energy scarcity, when the price of fuel oil and gas is skyrocketing day by day, bicycles can be one of the solutions to climate disaster. So the demand for bicycles is increasing day by day among the conscious people. Before buying a bicycle, you need to know the types of bicycles, ie how many types of bicycles are available in the local market. Mountain bikes, road bikes, touring bikes, racing bikes, ladies bikes, etc are generally available in the market.

Materials of a Bicycle

Bicycles are now being made with different types of materials. Bicycles are heavier in weight if made of iron or steel frame. Bicycles made of aluminum alloy are somewhat lighter and faster. Bicycles made of aluminum alloy are a bit more expensive than steel. So the young people of Bangladesh prefer aluminum bicycles. Bicycles made of carbon fiber are the most expensive and fastest. This type of bike weighs less. In addition to the weight, there are differences in gear. Some bicycles have fixed gears. Like gears, there are differences in brakes. Disc brakes or mechanical brakes are more popular among today's youth than V brakes.

Some Types of Bikes are given below -

Road Bike

The road bike is a thin wheeled bicycle. It has gears, but no suspension. This bike for plain roads. This bike is used for racing.

Fix Bike

The wheels of this bike are slim and without suspension. However, the main feature of this bike is that it does not have any gears and brakes. This is the only way to turn the pedal on the back of the bicycle and stop the pedal on the bicycle.

City Bike

Phoenix type bicycles are included in this category. 

Mountain Bike or MTB

This bike has gears and suspension. This bike is used for mountain rides. This bike has one or two suspensions. Three types of wheel size MTBs are available. 26, 27.5, and 29.

Hybrid Bike

This bike is a combination of MTB and Road Bike. As a result, both bikes have more or fewer advantages. In many cases, MTB is converted to this Hybrid Bike by simply changing the tires and tubes. It can be called a hybrid of mountain and road bikes. It is not as fast as a road bike and not as rugged as a mountain bike, but a combination of the two can be a great hybrid.

Sand or Fat Bike

The wheels of this bike are quite thick, like the wheels of a motorcycle. This bike has no suspension. This bike is usually used for riding in sand and snow.


It looks like a normal bike, but on sea travel, this type of bike is more likely to ride on a sandy beach by the sea.

BMX Bike

This bike is used for stunts. This bike has small wheels and no gears.

A Bike That Fits The Body

Bike fitting is very necessary, otherwise, it can be harmful to the body. The frame size of the bike should be chosen based on one's body and height. The ideal size bike should be chosen carefully, taking into account a person's height, weight, and physical ability. The frame sizing charts can be followed to understand which size will be best for the frame, which will help to understand the ideal size.

Advice for Beginners

Those who want to ride a bike or have just learned to ride a new bike have a keen interest in cycling. Remember, cycling should not be done fast. Because speeding causes accidents all the time.

If you want to run fast for bicycle races, you can practice on the roads where the number of vehicles is less. Newcomers should not ride bicycles on highways or highways until their balance and skills are fully mastered. Be sure to wear a helmet, gloves, and goggles when cycling.

Some Atlas Bike’s Specifications are given below -

Atlas MTB Rapid Plus 26T

The bicycle has some special features such as quick release on the seat, sypo V-Brake, peak alloy lever, low step frame alloy rim.

Atlas S40-26T Steel

The features of this bike are - 21 to 24 speed with Shimano EZ fire shifter, alloy magweel or double-wall alloy rim, TIG-welded alloy frame with HRCS stickers, accessories like PU saddles fenders stand, etc, BB set cartridge closed bearing type, 18 and 19 frame size with an adjustable seating position, and double-disc braking system.

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