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Artline Permanent Marker and Whiteboard Price Online in BD 

Generally discussing the most important writing instruments which implementable your study and individuality of innovative skills. Here, we talk about the exceptional brand of Artline. Artline brand is one of the creative brands of diversified products of like writing, drawing, markers, highlighters, pens, pencils and so on. This brand formed with the title of “Thinks Flow Better with Artline”. Artline brand also improves the consumer goods business that is available with a portfolio that exists in most of the countries globally. 

About Artline Brand   

Artline is the most creative brand of writing instruments, it was created by Japanese organization Shachihata. Shachihata is another company established in 1925 with consumer goods in creating high products for all kids. This company’s goal is to be the global leader who supports better communication in order to benefit people and society. In fact, they have obtained ISO certification for both its Quality Assurance and Environmental Management Systems. This company always maintain the highest standard products and concern for the environment. In the Artline brand maintain the creations and mission of help to make the world flow better.  



Products Of Artline

Artline brand is going through the helping world with the flow of nearly 50 years. Their creative thoughts are combined with the manufacturer that produced a vast range of highest quality standards pens and markers for all purposes and renowned the world over. All their products are not only perfect for helping you to make a bold statement, but they are also improve environmentally friendly and manufactured responsibly. Artline products are basically, 

  • Permanent markers in categories of eco, various and purpose
  • Highlighters with bright marks
  • Correction tape and fluid 
  • Whiteboard markers categories of specialty, eco & general purpose
  • Fineliners pens 
  • Specialty markers of paint marker, various specialty markers, colouring markers for kids, metallic marker, industrial markers, poster markers. 
  • General pens of Ballpoints pen, Gel Pens, Rollerball pens, Calligraphy pens & Tech drawing pens   
  • Artline stix draw, build & play with neon markers & colouring brush markers draw play 
  • Artline supreme of markers & pens
  • Artline signature of Rollerball pens & Supreme markers 

In Bangladesh, Ajkerdeal is one of the leading e-commerce online sites where you will find every category of Local as usual Global brands like Creative Artline brand products. Let’s take a look at the website for available product details and prices in Bangladesh.


Artline Products Buy From

The Artline Brand is a leading a wide range of consumer professional premium pens, markers and stamp pads company of the world’s well known and loved branded products across a wide range of countries that are continuously developed and constantly marketed. This international customer-oriented company based on a special purpose of lead the market of writing instrument accessories by offering ideas to letting your messages be heard or articulating your memories and helping things simply flow better with Artline. has a huge collection of 200k products from a number of versatile categories. Below you will find Artline Brand of the extraordinary innovative markers and highlighter products at affordable and reasonable prices. Let’s check out the prices in Bangladesh for these products.


Artline PB Paint Marker - White

Artline brand has particularly explained the thoughts, messages through their products. Artline’s high-quality pens and markers are widely used on the daily basis of work in offices, factories, schools, homes, and a full range of other situations. Artline PB paint marker is good quality products of them that have earned appreciation and reliance around the world because of its fast drying, high performance to painting in glass, wood & bag, easy to use and dependable quality. 

You will find this white paint marker at a reasonable price from the AjkerDeal online sites.


Artline Stamp Pad 

Artline’s Brand produced a huge collection of writing instruments for every purpose mostly creates people’s comfort zones who use them. Their brand constantly and continuously developed innovative produced products that enhance creativity and enjoyable to use. Artline Stamp Pad is one of the popular products used in many institutions for a basic purpose. Artline Stamp pad is not fade, water-based dyestuff ink that consisted of a finely textured cotton pad. This product used in a school, office, factory, for art & crafts, shops with long-lasting quality. 

If you want a clear impression on a finely detailed used stamp pad then visit the AjkerDeal online sites and find the highest quality in a large size violet colour stamp pad at a reasonable price. Let’s check out here before out of stock. 


Artline Highlighter Pen

Artline brand products define every use of category that bold markers demand attention, highlighters and markers to show the things, fine-tipped pens are paid attention to every detail and everyday ballpoint and gel pens will write on just about any surface you need it to. Artline Highlighter pen is one of the brightest products in the Artline brand. Artline Highlighter pen has a bright quality marker. It will be found in a lemon yellow color. 

If you want imaginative and powerful products of Artline Brand then Let’s visit the Ajkerdeal website. 


Artline Fineliner Pens

Writing is all about many contents of lines, forms, different figures which function used in diversified subjects of writing, painting, technical drawing. But it explored by the writing objects or writing instruments that create the writings or other functions. Artline brand renowned the world over for making premium pens, markers, stamp pads and writing instruments. 

Artline brand has many categories of Fineliners pens available with a wide range of colors that used for general writing and drawings. All Artline products are safe and non-toxic. If you are looking for brighter and colorful writing instruments then visit the Ajkerdeal website and know the details and price of products.