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Best Price of Japanese Arai Helmet Brand Online in Bangladesh


Arai Helmet Limited Company

Arai Helmet, Limited is mainly based in a Japanese company which makes designs and manufactures motorcycle helmets and other helmets for motorsports products. Their company headquarters are situated in Ōmiya-ku, Saitama, Saitama Prefecture, Japan. Arai helmet brand techniques in the US meet or exceed the Snell Memorial Foundation safety standards of hand-built Arai helmets. 

Safest Arai Helmet Brand

Arai Brand is based on the type of Joint stock company founded by Hirotake Arai. Arai Brand is mainly the industry of motorcycle helmet, auto racing and kart racing helmet manufacturing. The main cap of this arai brand's business has been the production of caps since the beginning of the century, then military headgear from 1930s, industrial helmets after World War II and finally motorcycle helmets of the 1950s.

Believes The Arai Brand's Special "Glancing Off" Matter

The Arai brand company has the ability to "glitter off" any of their manufactured helmets so it is entirely up to the manufacturer. Arai believes that this “glancing off” factor brings a big difference in the helmet industry market in terms of protective properties in real world situations. Surprising as it may sound, the arai brand further believes that this basic function of the helmet needs to start with an assessment of the nature of the manufacturer.

Helmet Sales Have Increased in Dhaka And Other Places

Motorcyclists and riders were previously required to wear helmets. However, many did not follow the rules. However, in the capital Dhaka, drivers were seen wearing helmets, but most of the riders avoided them. Recently, all the drivers and riders have become careful to use helmets in accordance with the rules. And due to these reasons, the sale of helmets has increased all over the country including Dhaka.

Ride Sharing App Drivers And Riders Use Helmets

The ride sharing process has become quite popular among motorcycle bikers these days. And in this case, most of the buyers are the drivers of various ride sharing apps including Pathao-Uber. Ordinary motorcyclists are also among them. And that's why the use of different brands of helmets at different prices has increased for the safety of bikers and riders.

Products of Arai Helmet Brand

Every brand has specific category products in this case, Arai Helmet brand has also categorised helmet products and other accessories. Such as- Full face helmet of RX-7V RC race tested, RX-7V Racing, make faster, easier, RX-7V race tested, QV-PRO title to take me anywhere.

Also has CONCEPT-X helmet of old school cool and minus the compromise, RENEGADE-V cruise in comfort, CHASER-X chase the roads, PROFILE-V title of Welcome to our world, TOUR-X4 Ready for anything. 

Another category of Open face helmet such as- URBAN-V helmet title of “Look Cool, Stay Cool”, SZ-R VAS helmet open for any ride,CT-F Extend your freedom, FREEWAY-CLASSIC cool retro helmet. Also has a category helmet of car, additional size, Off road etc. 

The Benefits of Using A Helmet Depend on A Number of Factors

While many of us prefer stylish helmets, there are a few things to keep in mind before choosing and buying a helmet for a rider, which is the weight and durability of the helmet. Helmets should always be light and strong, so even on a long journey, the helmet will not bother you but will provide safety.

Helmet Is The Best Friend of All Motorcycle Bikers

Accidents in any vehicle are seriously considered. And in that case a motorcycle is a vehicle where there is no other way to prevent an accident without braking, the rest of the safety measures have to be done by yourself. And that's why bikers prefer helmets to avoid motorcycle accidents. And so buy an accurate size helmet with a headband, a full face helmet will give you maximum security.

Shop For Safety & Branded Design Helmet from

The price of the helmet depends on the safety system and the design. Light-thin, front glass or plastic helmets, good quality helmets are again separate helmets for women and children. Moreover, the demand for helmets of Gliders, Arai, Vega, Safemet, Replay and Stads brands is high in the market at present. You can choose the helmet of your choice from our site.