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Aquafresh Senses Energising Grapefruit, Lemon & Mint Toothpaste 75ml EU ৳ 460
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Aquafresh Online Shop in Bangladesh: Buy the Best Oral Care Products 

Aquafresh is one of the world's renowned and largest oral care brands for over 40 years. Now Aquafresh oral care products are a top choice for so many people. Aquafresh has counted generation after generation for clean, protected teeth and healthy, happy smiles. Millions of people of all ages rely on Aquafresh because of its unique quality, differentiating features. Aquafresh is developed by SmithKline Beecham in 1973. it was designed to become a leading toothpaste brand in the oral hygiene market. SmithKline Beecham knew that to become successful, their toothpaste would need to possess a unique, differentiating feature. 

Aquafresh was also the first brand to offer 'freshness' as a major product benefit to consumers and syncing up with two key product benefits: fresh breath and fighting tooth decay. Having fresh breath and a good-tasting toothpaste is important to young people and families.

Aquafresh products

Aquafresh products are Aquafresh Whitening,  Aquafresh Pure Breath Action, Aquafresh Deep Action Cavity Protection,  Aquafresh Extra Fresh + Whitening, Aquafresh Ultimate White, Aquafresh Sensitive Max Strength,  Aquafresh Multi-Action, Aquafresh Extra Fresh Daily Mouthwash, Aquafresh Mouthwash Complete Care, Aquafresh Kids 2+, Aquafresh Kids 0-2, etc. Aquafresh toothpaste is available in the tube and pump. 

Aquafresh Active White Toothpaste 

This Aquafresh Active White Toothpaste main function is whitening, clean and freshness. It is designed to bring natural whiteness to your teeth and remove stains. It boasting micro-cleaning action can keep your teeth looking sparkly and clean, while also providing them with fluoride and keeping your breath fresh.


Its key features are Brand: Aquafresh, Capacity: 125ml, Type: Toothpaste, Pack Qty: 1, Size: 125ml, Assembly: No, Height: 4.2CM, Width: 20.2CM, Depth: 3.7CM. 

Aquafresh Toothpaste 3 In 1

Aquafresh triple protection toothpaste is designed to care for your mouth to keep it healthy and heapy. Aquafresh triple protection main functions are strong healthy teeth, healthy gums, and fresh breath. Its sugar-acid protection provided by fluoride to creates a shield to protect the tooth surface against sugar acid attack.


Its great tasting formulation delivers replenishing fluoride into the enamel, helping to strengthen teeth.

Aquafresh Triple Protection Pump

Aquafresh Triple Protection Pump is a type of toothpaste 3 in 1 formula of fresh & minty flavor. Its main functions are healthy gums, strong teeth, and fresh breath. It is designed especially for family protection. This toothpaste cares for your mouth and helps you to stay healthy and happy. Its great tasting formulation delivers replenishing fluoride into your enamel, helping to strengthen your teeth from the inside out.


Main features are Product Type: Toothpaste, Brand: Aquafresh, 1 pump of Aquafresh triple protection toothpaste pump 100ml, Model: Fresh & Minty Pump, Healthy Gums, Strong Teeth, And Fresh Breath, Imported from the USA, and Package includes 1 piece.

Aquafresh Mouthwash Complete Care

Aquafresh complete care mouthwash is an alcohol-free fresh minty flavor toothpaste protection for your family. IT has 6 key advantages are strengthened enamel, freshens breath, cavity prevention, ingredients for gum health, great taste, kills bad breath causing bacteria and laboratory tested. 


This toothpaste gives 24-hour sugar acid protection provided by active fluoride and creates a shield that protects the tooth surface against sugar acid attack throughout the day. This mouthwash reaches all-around your mouth and even in-between teeth where a brush can’t reach. Contents are 500ml and the country of origin is the UK. If you are traveling and need to brush your teeth then this one is best for you. It is also easy to carry in a beg. 

Aquafresh Extra Fresh Daily Mouthwash

Aquafresh Extra Fresh Daily Mouthwash’s main benefits are actively freshened breath, Strengthens enamel, Helps prevent plaque buildup and Kills bacteria. Its antibacterial formulation that helps fight plaque build-up on your teeth, for a clean and healthy mouth.


Its active mineral which can strengthen your tooth enamel and reduce the build-up of plaque to maintain healthy teeth and gums. It also kills bacteria so that your bad breath goes away. Pack size is 500ml and the country of origin is the UK. 

Aquafresh Intense Clean Toothpaste

Aquafresh intense clean toothpaste main functions are long-lasting freshness. It has an active mineral formula that purifies breath and provides freshness for up to 8 times longer than regular toothpaste.


This toothpaste contains 5 X smaller cleaning micro-crystals that actually enter between teeth and can give you superior cleaning where a brush can’t reach. It also fights plaque and kills germs. Its contents are 75ml and made in the UK.

Prices of Aquafresh Oral Care Products has a huge branded collection. Aquafresh is one of the popular brands among all brands. We have other branded toothpaste collection. We are selling at a reasonable price so that high-middle and high middle-class families can afford our products. Our products are imported, so visit as soon as possible before we stock out. 

How You Can Get Aquafresh from Home

You can get Aquafresh oral care products in any grocery shop, super shop or in any online store. But if you want to buy from home with an easy process visit Visit and place your order. Your delivery will reach within a few days. You can pay with bKash, credit card and we have also cash on the delivery system.