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Aqua Velva Online in Bangladesh

Aqua Velva is a company that produces grooming products for men. Their most popular product is the ice blue aftershave. The aftershave lotion was introduced by the JB Williams Company in 1917.

The company’s ownership has been changed many times. After JB Williams Company, in 1982 it was acquired by the Beecham Group. Then in 1989 SmithKline Beecham, in 2000 GlaxoSmithKline, in 2002 Combe, and lastly from 2016, it is marketed by Combe Incorporated and Unilever. 

The aftershave lotion has a few types. Some of them are Ice Sport, Classic Ice Blue, Cooling Aftershave, and a Musk named Original Sport that is sold only in Canada. The Classic Ice Blue flavor is known as the original Aqua Velva aftershave lotion.

Since changing so many ownerships of Aqua Velva, still it is made by the same ingredients and same formulation. In the past, it was sold in glass bottles. But after the customer’s hug request, from 2010 Aqua Velva started to sell the lotion in Shatterproof bottles.

Importance of Using Aftershave Lotion After Shaving

The importance of skin is very important to everyone. Sun, air conditioning, mental heating, pollution, etc. make the skin dry and rough. That is why daily skincare is a must. Shaved men often do everyday work. But many men do it with extreme negligence. As a result, in many cases, the skin is damaged. Those with a strong beard can apply a good company moisturizer five to ten minutes before shaving. It makes the beard soft and it is not difficult to shave. Also, wash your face with warm water shortly before shaving, but the beard becomes soft. It is important to apply shaving gel or foam to the entire beard with a brush or by hand. Before shaving, it is important to soak the razor in warm water with antiseptic for a while. Always pull the razor down while shaving. The razor should never be pulled upwards. Pulling upwards may make it absolutely clear; But there is a possibility of uprooting the beard. In addition, the beard may be full or boiled or the skin may be cut. If you shave repeatedly like this, the skin will become rough easily. After shaving, aftershave lotion must be applied.

For Sensitive Skin

Many people get skin rashes after shaving. It is better if they use a light shaving cream. The more you avoid aftershave lotion, the better. An anti-allergic or antiseptic cream should be applied after shaving.

For Dry Skin

Those with dry skin should not use alcohol or lemon shaving cream. Aftershave lotion should not be used on dry skin, it is better to use aftershave cream which is not too oily.

Daily skincare

People with oily skin are more likely to have acne and blackheads. As a result, special care is required. You must wash your face twice a day with a good cleansing gel or a special type of soap for oily skin. This will wash away the excess oil and dirt that has accumulated on the skin of the face. Don't use too much aftershave lotion on oily skin.

If you have a habit of applying moisturizer on your face, apply a small amount so that the skin of the face does not become oily. In the case of oily skin, the skin should be kept clean and oil-free. You can go to the salon once a month to get a facial. Facial massage helps to increase skin circulation. Removes toxins that have accumulated deep in the skin and make the skin vibrant. Ozone treatment is suitable for oily skin.

After Shaving

After shaving, wash your face thoroughly with cold water. Now wipe the face with a towel. Aftershave lotion must be used on the face. It will help not to infect the skin. The aftershave should have to non-alcoholic and kind to the skin. So it must be chosen according to the skin type.

Aqua Velva Cooling After Shave

Ice blue cooling aftershave lotion gives a refreshing and cool feeling after shaving.  


Water, Menthol, Fragrance, Glycerin, FD, and C Blue 1 (CI 42090), Benzophenone 1, Ext D&C Violet 2 (CI 60730), SD Alcohol 40.

Aqua Velva Men’s After Shave Classic Ice Blue Original

Aqua Velva, is known as America's first aftershave. It has been using for men's skin since 1917. It refreshes and cools the skin after shaving. 

It has a travel-friendly size, So it can be carried anywhere easily. It

firms and tones while cooling sensation refreshes the skin. This aftershave gives the finishing in shaving and completes a clean shave. It is made in the USA.

Using Procedure

The aftershave lotion should be applied in a little amount on the shaved areas of the face and should be rubbed mildly.


Water, Menthol, Fragrance, Glycerin, Benzophenone 1, FD&C Blue 1 (CI 42090), Ext D&C Violet 2 (CI 60730), SD Alcohol 40. 

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