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Education is one of the basic human needs. Education fulfills a person. A person needs some tools or things to t educated. Such as notebooks, pens, pencils, etc. When a child learns to write, he does not learn to write with a pen in a hurry. Chalk, slate, pencil then comes  pen lesson. The demand for pencils ranges from very young to old. It is through pencil that we first learn to write in our mother tongue. Pencil is the main weapon of a artist. Again, in many large office courts, writing is done in pencil. If there is any mistake in writing or drawing, it is possible to erase it again with a pencil

About Category:

Apsara is a famous office stationery brand in India. Those who make many more kinds of products besides education. However, their pencils are more significant. Apsara pencils are in great demand in India as well as Bangladesh. The use of our pencils is constantly increasing. For those who study art or architecture, this pencil can be called their main tool. Apsara has many types of pencils. There are also pencil erasers, sharpeners, etc. There are many types of pencils. Such as: 2b, 3b, 6b, 2h, 4h, H, F etc. Each of these has differences in stain and ink. One type of pencil is used for one type of work.

Product Details:

Pencils are also different for different jobs. It is important to choose specific pencils to work properly. Let's see what kind of pencil there is.

Graphite Pencils: These pencils are made of graphite. It is made of different levels of graphite and is suitable for work.

Solid graphite pencil: It is also made of graphite but does not have a wooden casing on top.

Charcoal pencils: These pencils made of coal look like black sticks. This pencil is used more for art.

Color Pencil: This pencil is made of wax and a combination of different colors. These pencils are used to color the picture after the size of the picture.

Plastic pencils: A type of pencil found in the 1960s that was actually graphite wrapped in plastic wrap.

Mechanical pencils: These pencils are in high demand in the mechanical workplace. This pencil is not for everyone. These factory-made pencils are used only by mechanical engineers.

Product Quality and Advantage:

To get good results in war you need good training as well as good weapons. Suppose art is an industry then everyone involved in it is a warrior and one of the tools they use is a weapon. The pencil is one of the most important weapons. Pencils and art coins side by side. So it can be said that the better the quality of your weapons, the better you can do on the battlefield. In the same way, the better your pencil is, the more beautiful your art will be. So a good quality pencil is definitely important. Apsara is an organization in India that manufactures educational materials of very good quality. The quality of their products is also quite good and they are playing a big role in gaining a reputation outside the country beyond the borders of the country.

The benefits of a good pencil are well understood by an artist. Creative people are reluctant to make any concessions to their creations. They express their thoughts or art in detail. So a good pencil helps an artist to enhance his creations. Apsara has gained quite a good reputation in this regard.

Prices of Apsara products  ajkerdeal:

Apsara has many types of educational materials. You can easily get your daughter-in-law or any educational material like you need at home at a very low price.

Apsara Dust Erezan 10 piece pack price is only -140 tk

Apsara 2b extra Dark 12 piece pack pencil price 140tk.

Made of high quality soft wood. Made of attractive design and does not break easily. It is very easy to sharpen and its ink is also very smooth and sharp. Each pencil is 129mm long and 6.9mm wide. Each pack gets a sharpener and an eraser for free. There are also many more types of package pencils. You can choose these pencils of your choice. Prices vary depending on the design or type of pencil. You can buy these pencil packages starting from tk 100 to tk 2000.


Pencil is one of our daily necessities. Through this, you can easily teach your daughter-in-law and also do the work you need. The office does not go to court without a pen, pencil, notebook, eraser, sharpener, etc. So while education is our basic need, there are many more issues involved. Apsara manufactures these educational materials using high quality raw materials and is supplied by our trusted merchants in You can collect any type of apsara product from our site as per your requirement with home delivery.