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Annex Leather Products in Bangladesh

Annex Leather is a quality and Eco-friendly leather goods producer company established in Bangladesh. They are also a supplier and exporter company that is based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. At the moment, Annex Leather is exporting Bangladeshi leather goods and footwear from Bangladesh to China, London, France, Canada, and Italy.

The Mission of Annex Leather

Annex Leather aspires to continuously shape the Bangladeshi Internet revolution by building the largest person-to-person trading community in the country. They will do so by offering the best consumer experience in an environment driven by teamwork, constant innovation, high performance, and opportunity for wealth creation. The mission is to provide an e-trading pure and original leather product’s platform for Bangladesh.

The Vission of Annex Leather

Annex Leather is creating a place where people can offer goods for sale and anyone in the world can buy at a fair price. From here people will be able to adapt and improve to meet the needs of buyers and sellers. Annex Leather is promised to make these leather products unique and sell them at is lower prices so that anyone can buy products from them.

Products From Annex Leather

Annex Leather’s 100% genuine leather products are jackets, gents and ladies bag, laptop bag, office bag, Messenger bag, waist bag, travel bag, wallet, belt, keyring, garments leather accessories, Corporate gift items, ladies purses, hand gloves, leather sock, leather shoe, sandal, side bag for ladies and gents, industrial gloves, Hazi Belt and all leather gift items, etc.

Taking Care of Leather Products

Leather products have been one of the symbols of nobility for many centuries. For those who have a passion for leather accessories, leather bags, shoes, jackets are preferred. At one time, it was thought that animal skins were used to make clothes, shoes, and accessories. But times have changed.

Leather products are as beautiful to look at as they are durable. However, if you want to use it for a long time, you need to take proper care. For those who have a passion for accessories, leather bags, shoes, jackets are very popular. Besides, you have to take extra care of leather products throughout the year. But it can be seen that the lack of proper care and use reduces the luster of leather products. With a little care, it stays good for a long time.

Use of News Print Paper

Leather shoes can be wrapped inside and outside of the shoes with newsprint paper for a while to remove water from wet shoes. News prints will absorb water. You can also wipe the water well with a dry cloth.

Paint the Shoes with Shoe-ink

If the leather shoes get wet, they should be dried well. When it is dry, you must paint the shoes with good ink and use cream to bring a shiny feeling at the end.

The Heat of the Sun and Fire

Water-soaked shoes cannot be used until dry. Shoes should be well dried in the sun. If the sun does not rise for a few days, the shoes can be dried in the heat of the stove fire.

Beware of Excess Heat

Excess heat causes a lot of damage to the skin. This causes the skin to become wrinkled and unusable. So if it gets wet in water, a hot hair dryer should be used. In addition, leather products should be stored in a cool place in the house. Care should be taken so that it does not stay in the sun for a long time.

Using Coconut Oil

If the leather bag gets wet, wipe the water off with a dry cloth. Then the fan should be air-dried. Then lightly butter the bag with coconut oil or olive oil. Tannery traders usually use coconut oil in this case. The same method can be applied in the case of belts.

Using Conditioner

Conditioners can be used to maintain the correct quality of leather products. Leather conditioners are available in the market. Buy a suitable conditioner for this and gently polish it on dry skin.

Some products from Annex Leather -

Blue Sandal for Ladies

The model number of this sandal is AA034. The product is made of 100% Original Leather Loafer. The upper sole is made of cow finished leather and the lining is made of goat finished leather. The insole is made of cow lining leather sole.

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