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Anastasia Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette৳ 750
Anastasia Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette - UK৳ 800
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Anastasia Beverly Hills Brand Online In Bangladesh


Beauty always explains according to your appearance. Everyone has a sensitive corner for personal and beauty care products to change her appearance through social media like Instagram, Facebook etc to shows the face, the texture of the body and what the drug store or original branded cosmetics store products are applying. A beauty-conscious person scrutinizes Anastasia Beverly Hills’ professional makeup brand.

In present times every individual is just craving with the makeup encounters and that creates a dilemma for choosing the right products. resolved yet recommended a list of the best makeup products from the American popular makeup brands like Anastasia Beverly Hills’ makeup cosmetics Brand. 


About Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Brand


Anastasia Beverly Hills’ is one of the prestigious brands of beauty enthusiasts. This brand is known as the ABH brand of a wide collection of digital innovation and numerous accolades for products such as cult-classics Brow Wiz, Contour Kit, and Liquid Lipstick. The ABH makeup brand established in 1997 by Romanian American Billonaier businesswomen, Anastasia Soare. 


“We Do More Than Just Brows, Guys!”


Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Brand is a top American private cosmetics company that is well known and celebrated for its eyebrow products with the inspiration of the mathematical method in “Golden Ratio” which makes the world’s most recognizable “Brow Revolution” brand around the world.  This Golden Ratio Eyebrow Shaping method is to consider the human eye fascination and appearance through the eyebrow shaping come up with a perfect frame of any face shape.  

Ajkerdeal is one of the largest online shops in Bangladesh where everyone finds a huge collection of branded as well as a local product, you will also find the Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Cosmetics products from website. Let’s check out the prices in Bangladesh of ABH makeup products also check the Best Cosmetics Makeup products in Bangladesh

Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Products

Creative visionary and beauty pioneer, Anastasia Soare is trying to her   Anastasia Beverly Hills’ cosmetics brand is recognized as the faster-growing brand in the global beauty industry and it surely makes it. 

Her patented Golden ration method is the prime fact in the ABH brand, but this brand also offers the cosmetics line in makeup, including palette sets, lipsticks, and foundations. Anastasia Beverly Hills’ brand products are listed below-


  • Anastasia Beverly Hills' All Eye Makeups in Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, Eye primer, Mascara, Eye Lashes, False Eyelashes, Eye Pro pigmented Palettes.
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills' Eye makeup best category in Eyebrow. It stands with Fill, Details, Highlight, Finish, Tools and Brushes.   
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills' Face Makeup products in Foundation, Primer, Powder, Contour, Concealer, Blusher & Bronzer, Highlighting & Glow.
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills' Lipstick, Lip Gloss, Lip kit, Lipliner or Pencils, Liquid lipstick, Lip Balms.
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills' other products of Eyebrows, Eyes, Lips, Faces makeup brushes.    



The ABH Makeup is creating all vivid and rich innovative colors for every type of skin tones that are maintained a focus on creativity through beauty products as well as acceptance to offers high-quality products at Suitable prices around the world. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Cosmetics Products Buy From Website provided the most influential and top-ranked brands and which followed by top beauty vloggers, pro-artists, Instagram stars, their millions of fans and also the authority in Beautifications. We are looking for potential customers to work with. Hope that will be you!


Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Fond of Teint  SPF 15 Foundation 



Anastasia Beverly Hills’ brand has various face products in Foundation of Luminious Liquid & Sticks, Hydrating Essentials oil, Fond of Teint  SPF 15 Foundation with high or medium coverage. A full-coverage that lasts all day with a matte finish with moisturization and no dryness effects never show.  

Anastasia Moisture SPF 15 Foundation is a matte type of tan foundation consists of a creamy formula that once applied, dries with a smooth, matte finish. Let’s browse our site to get the knowledge of ABH brand products and price details. 


Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Eyeshadow Palettes 



Anastasia Beverly Hills’ brand is famous for its Eyemakeu products that give the complete shape of eye beauty. Its Eye makeup line consisted of some Eyeshadow palette in Soft Glam Eyeshadow, Amrezy, Carli Bybel, Jacie Aina, Subculture, Modern Renaissance, Norvina, Alisa Edward, Riviera Eyeshadow Palette. It also has Daytime collection & Sunset Collection in eye shadow palettes. 

Soft Glam Eyeshadow Palette



Our AjkerDeal site offers the one of Anastasia Beverly Hills’ brand Soft Glam Eyeshadow with various ultra-matte shades in Tempera, Glistening, Orange Soda, Rose Pink, Sultry, Bronze, Dusty Rose, Mulberry, Fairy, Burnt Orange, Sienna, Rustic, Cyprus Umber, Noir that touch up with velvety, gold, peachy, soft pink, browny and metallic shades in the eyes.        


Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette 


Anastasia Beverly Hills’ brand Eyeshadow Palette is inspired by Artists and found with different innovative pigmented shades in 14 colours. Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette is an essential eyeshadow palette in ABH brand that featured with a professional-quality eye makeup collection with the base of resins and paints of Renaissance arts. 


Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Liquid Lipstick


Anastasia Beverly Hills’  brand products created an innovative and colourful makeup line that makes the ultimate polished look. This brand has categorized Lipsticks in Liquid, Matte finish, Glossy, Mini Lip gloss etc with vibrant colour shades. 


AjkerDeal offer you famous ABH full pigmented Liquid Lipstick with different colour shades and affordable price range that makes the Long-Wearing, Waterproof, Smudge-Resistant, weightless Matte Lip Colour finish and full coverage wear look.  


Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Matte Liquid Lipstick


Anastasia Beverly Hills products are created a zestful balance of beauty and science. Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Matte Liquid Lipstick featured with vibrant colours in a long-lasting and intense shot of matte pigmented formula gives the full-coverage matte finish wear. 


Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Makeup Brushes


We provide reasonable prices of Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Makeup Brushes that are imported from China it consisted of 12 pieces of the set that complete the outlook of applying everything from foundation to lipsticks, eyeshadow products. 


You can find from Ajkerdeal site ABH cruelty-free of makeup brushes at a suitable price.