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Buy Alice Guitar Strings Online | AjkerDeal


Alice guitar picks are one of the best components for playing the guitar. Alice’s picks and strings are good for use and safe. Alice is a China-based brand.

Alice is a music equipment brand from Guangzhou Romance Musical Instrument Corporations Limited. Alice has full and well presented in the most prominent professional music trade shows that was held in Frankfurt, Beijing, Los Angeles, Guangzhou, Shanghai, and other places. Alice has achieved good publicity in music magazines like ‘China Musical Instrument Sourcing’, ‘Guangdong Musical Instrument World’, ‘Musical Instrument’, and many more, as an enthusiastic sponsor of music competitions. Alice products are well recognized by consumers around the globe for their good quality.

History of Guitar

There are many types of guitars. Spanish guitars are mostly available in stores. The Spanish guitar is a Western musical instrument. Yet the demand for this musical instrument is huge in the world of music in all countries of the world. There is an extreme interest in learning the guitar among the music listeners of our young society.

It has long been used to play the guitar. Author Maurice J. According to Summerfield, the Romans introduced a musical instrument called "Sithara" to Spain in 400 AD, from which the guitar originated. The Arabs used a musical instrument called "Ud". However, many believe that the guitar originated from a musical instrument called "Tanbur" with four strings. By the 18th century, a German composer named Jacob Otto had added the 6th string to his famous guitar, which later became popular. Then, in the early 19th century, Augustine Caro of Spain, manual guitarist, and other European guitar makers gave the guitar its present form, which is now used by everyone.

An Early Introduction to the Guitar

The guitar is a widely known and conventional musical instrument. It is a musical instrument that relies on strings. There are three types of guitars. Such as -

  • Spanish guitar,
  • Hawaiian guitar, and
  • Bass guitar.

According to many, there are two main types of guitar, namely - steel string guitar and nylon string guitar. Again there is a variety of guitar called flamenco guitar. Also, there are guitars with different names. There are some guitars like substring of steel-string guitar such as - Rhythm, Lit, Bass, Hawaiian guitar. This means that there are different types of sub guitars like sub-menus.

Types of Spanish Guitar

Spanish guitar also has some types.

Acoustic guitars,

Guitar classical,

Electric or electric guitar.

The parts of acoustic guitar are body, soundhole, freight board, neck, bridge, and headstock. Its wires are made of metal. The sound of an acoustic guitar is made through sound holes. The vibrations of the strings resonate inside the body of the guitar and are expressed through the soundhole. Some acoustic guitars have pick-ups inside the body, which can be amplified with the help of an amplifier.

Classical Guitar

It looks a lot like an acoustic guitar, but the strings are made of nylon.

Electric or Lead Guitar

Lead guitars have no sound holes. Its melody is created through pick-up. An amplifier is essential for playing lead guitar. Various changes can be made to its tone through the processor. In the 20th century, no instrument other than the electric guitar could have had such an impact on music. In 1931, the electric guitar became an essential instrument in jazz music. The electric guitar played an important role in the development of rock and roll and the development of countless musical genres.

Different Parts of a Guitar

A guitar generally has a headstock, tuner, nut, frets, fretboard, soundhole, strings, pickguard, soundboard, pick-ups, bridge, volume and tone control, etc.

Guitar Picks

The pick is a small plastic triangle-shaped piece with which the guitar is played. You have to play the guitar with the pick in hand. It is also called a stroker. There is no need to hold it too tight, it should be held in such a way that it feels comfortable. 

There may be problems at first to catch the pick, the hands may get sweaty. You need to practice playing the guitar both with and without the pick. Besides, if there is a problem, it can be played with just a finger without a pick.

Guitar Strings

Guitar strings are usually played to create different tunes. So it is very important to set the strings properly. Tuning is the process of tightening the strings of a guitar to a certain extent. So that the right tune comes. It is not possible to pick the right tune with a guitar without tuning. Tuning is a matter of music sense.

Description of Alice products -

Alice Guitar Picks 20 Pieces

The guitar picks from Alice are durability and long-life guaranteed. The colors are random. The picks have smooth surfaces, so they will never hurt the hand and strings. The dimensions of the picks are 30mm x 26mm x 0.71mm approximately.

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