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 Alexander of Paris Perfume Online in Bangladesh


The contemporary and fine perfume sector is made much more alive with the fine emergence and excellent popularity of Alexander of Paris for women and for men for many years, respectively. The Alexander of Paris perfume is very unique vision of the duality of the elegant modern woman: audacious and very exotic, very elegant and neatly enigmatic. Forever pushing and reach for crossing the maximum limit Alexander of Paris is best. Alexandre.J is a very decisively contemporary excellent French designer. Iconoclastic smart artist, modern and ancient art enthusiast, very devoted humanist and a travel buff, Alexandre.J defines himself as an ”explorer” who is driven by the desire to constantly push all the boundaries of his creativity to the limit. In Alexander of Paris each creation explores a very wide range of olfactory notes ideally proportioned for a very unique design and fine composition. The very raw materials used to create the Alexandre J products are noble, very rare, and precious. Finding the very perfect balance is a slow, painstaking process. Alexandre J does not feel shy away from the challenges or any compromise: the olfactory experience is all that very matters.

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History of Alexander of Paris Perfume

A French artist who is very deeply attached to his country, Alexandre.J also delves into other cultures in order to find creative avenues that his imagination then turns into the new worlds. This dandy is likes to share his stories through his words, his fine notes or his unique colors. With a thirst for greater knowledge, he constantly wants to learn. Each new, fresh experience is an opportunity for in-depth research, as this fine perfectionist seeks to understand the techniques used by the fine artisans so his ideas can take shape. An architect of materials and very senses, Alexandre.J makes unusual use of exceptional materials. He personally sculpts them, pushing the limits of creation to give life to an object that arouse emotions.

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Alexander of Paris Exclusive Perfume for Men and Women in Bangladesh

Advocating the luxury craftsmanship, the Alexandre J containers are unique and elegant, demonstrating the fine art of handmade and uniquely designed in the most appropriate place. Alexandre.J imagines a fine single bottle for each of its fragrances using the finest and best materials, such as the crystal, mother peal, email, pâte de verre, and the leather, wood. Each fine bottle of legacy requires more than 200 hours of hard work to shape, polish, the enamel and inlay by hand. A bottle of legacy is a fine true work of art: only the finest skilled hands of an artist can transform the raw material into a luxurious object. Some exclusive Alexander of Paris perfumes are-  

Black Muscs Perfume: The Black Muscs by Alexandre J Perfume. For a very wonderful scent that you can wear year-round, all day or long night, choose Black Muscs, a fine woody floral musk women's fragrance that was released in 2012. Opening notes of the bergamot and lemon give users a fine fresh and citrusy sensation, while heart flavors of the patchouli, rose and violet provide the gentle and relaxing tones. The base of two fine ingredients, amber and the musk, is all that the fragrance needs to round it out for an overall exclusive warm, chic and inviting aroma. Wear this fine perfume when you want to exude an air of mystery and imagination.

Altesse Mysore Perfume: The ltesse Mysore by Alexandre J Perfume. Announced in the year of 2017, Altesse Mysore is an oriental floral women’s fine fragrance. At the top are fine pink pepper, ambroxan, and elemi notes. Once in the very middle, the notes are floral and the fruity with rose, jasmine, and the dried plum. Cedar, benzoin, the patchouli, sweet vanilla, the musk, and amberwood and base notes support the fragrance. The scent is best for day to wear throughout the long year but can also be worn at long night.

Oscent Cologne: The Oscent by Alexandre J Cologne. It was released in 2012 and Oscent is woody cologne with oriental tones throughout for an overall alluring fragrance. The very complex blend of cool smoky and spicy notes with the florals creates a stunning and very remarkable aroma. The top notes of ginger and anise open the fragrance with spicy and the citrusy flavors before descending into the smoky and very earthy middle notes of patchouli, white woods, the cedar, olibanum and tobacco. The base notes are very comprised of warm labdanum, sweet vanilla and musk for a lingering sensual finish to round the fragrance.

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