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Buy British AJS Motor Vehicle Brand Online in Bangladesh


Car And Motorcycle Manufacturer of AJS Brand

  1. J. Stevens & Co. Ltd. was a British car, automobile and motorcycle manufacturer from 1909 to 1931. The company was created by Joe Stevens in Wolverhampton, England. Then after the firm was sold, the brand name was used by Matchless, Associated Motorcycles and Norton-Villiers until 1969. And from the resale of the name in 1974, the Lightweight, the Twin Scrambler and today the Roadster and Cruiser in small power.

Motorbikes Are A Symbol of Youth to The Younger Generation

Most people grow up with a desire to buy a car or a motorcycle. Especially to the young generation of our country, motorbike is like a symbol of youth This excellent two-wheeled fast-moving vehicle is not just a movement, it has become another name for freedom and pride.

The History of AJS Motorcycles Brand 

The name AJS motorcycle brand stands for A.J. Stevens & Co., which is the firm's full official name. But that's a fearsome lot to fit on the side of a motorcycle tank, so they made do with the initials. Founder Joe Stevens owned Stevens Screw Co. in Wolverhampton, England, and by 1987 had built his first motorcycle using a US-built Mitchell engine. However, The AJS company recognized and held 117 motorcycle world records. 

AJS Branded Scooters & Motorcycle Products 

Scooters 50cc in Digita 50, Firefox 50. Scooters 125cc in Modena 125, Insetto 125. Motorcycle range in Geared 50cc of JSM 50, Heritage range in Cadwell 125, Cadwell Clubman 125,  Tempest Roadster 125, Tempest Scrambler 125, Cruiser line in Highway Star 125, Adventure Scrambler in Isaba 125 new model etc. 

AJS CAFÉ RACER - Motor Bike - White

AJS CAFÉ RACHER motorbike has 4-stroke Engine , OHC, air cooled, single cylinder with a displacement of 124cm³. Tank capacity around 11.2L, Seat height is 740mm, length is 2040mm, width is 800mm, height is 1110mm and Wheelbase is 1330mm. There is also some maintenance information of tyre pressure - front: 32 psi (rider only or with passenger) and Tyre pressure - rear: 32 psi (rider only or with passenger). 

British Motorcycle Company A.J.S brand

Now the A.J.S brand has brought to the market attractive and unique powered light vehicles which offer exceptional value, great quality, and reflect the rich history and tradition of the A.J.S. brand. Many of us have a question in our minds, is the motorcycle company A.J.S brand British motorcycle company. AJS is one of the longest surviving and British motorcycle companies. That organization has a glorious past and an exciting future to represent. 

“Motorbikes Are A Necessity for The Younger Generation”

However, in some cases, motorbikes have become not only a hobby or a luxury of youth, but also a useful commodity. Especially in a crowded city like Dhaka, where city buses become another name for hell during office hours. In that case it is impossible to buy a car and buying a car in a city like Dhaka is not very effective. So the last hope is the motorcycle and everyone's indomitable interest in it.

AJS CAFÉ RACHER Motor Bike - Black

Rather, throughout the year, motorcycle brands launch new models in the country's market. And with the new motorcycles, there is a lot of excitement in the young buyers. Black motorcycles are more or less on the list of favorites of all boys. And that's why AGS motorcycle brand CAFÉ RANCHER has brought a great model in motor bikes - Black.

The Advantage of Buying A Motorcycle in Installments

You can buy bikes, cars or vehicles of any brand. It will not cost more than one time. You can buy sophisticated feature bikes for a small amount of money. You can buy the bike of your choice in a short time. Take a look at the advantages and disadvantages and compare them with your lifestyle, which one is right for you and whether it is most important to buy your motorcycle right now.

Shop For British Motorcycle AJS Brand from Site

From our online site you can get all your fashion accessories, electronics gadget products and even motor vehicles at convenient prices. Just browse our site and find the latest model of AJS Branded motor bikes at a suitable price. Of course, before you buy the bike of your choice, take a warranty card and get 5 free services.