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AIEK Card Phones | Buy Online | AjkerDeal


Card Phone

The card is one of the best means of phone communication. When a magnetic card is turned on the phone, communication is established instantly. TNT board cable and microwave technology are used in card phone management. Card phones have been installed in important places like present hospitals, post offices, bus terminals, etc.

Mobile Phone Technology

There are mainly two types of mobile phone technologies are used in Bangladesh. They are known as - GSM and CDMA.

GSM Technology

GSM is a combined channel access system of FDMA and TDMA. In Bangladesh, Banglalink, Grameenphone, Robi, Teletalk, Airtel mobile operators are using GSM technology. GSM technology was first used in mobile phones in 1991 through a consortium.


GSM technology is currently the most popular mobile network in the world, used in 218 countries. Therefore, international roaming facilities are more available in this technology. Due to SIM availability, users can change the GSM network and handset or mobile set as they wish. This technology provides high-speed technology GPRS and EDGE for mobile data transmission. Its cell coverage area has so far been limited to about 35 kilometers. The power consumption is relatively high at an average of about 2 watts, whereas CDMA technology takes only 200 microwatts on average. Its data transfer rate is relatively low which is 56 kbps. Due to the use of pulse technology in GSM, mobile use is prohibited in hospitals, airplanes, etc.

Advantages of GSM Technology

  • The world's most popular and widely used mobile network technology used in about 217 countries around the world. Here are some of the benefits:
  • Signal loss and weakness is much less,
  • Frequency, more efficient and effective
  • High-quality security,
  • Transmission Quality High and Quality,
  • Providing frequency hopping facility means that the frequency increases automatically when there is a problem with low frequency,
  • Provide international roaming facilities,
  • The convenience of using a handset of any design,
  • Provide GPRS and EDGE facilities for high-speed data transmission, etc.

Disadvantages of GSM Technology

  • Cell coverage area is limited to less than 35 kilometers,
  • Power consumption is relatively high which is about 2 watts,
  • Data transfer rate is relatively low, only 56 kbps,
  • Excessive electromagnetic radiation that threatens biodiversity,
  • The handoff procedure is complex, resulting in disconnection in many cases.
  • Pulse transmission technology is used so mobile phones cannot be used in hospitals, airplanes, etc.

CDMA or Code Division Multiplan Access Technology

Discovered by the American Wireless Communication Research and Development Institute Qualcomm, CDMA is an advanced digital start-up through second-generation wireless technology. The way CDMA exchanges data is called the speed spectrum.

In this method, the user is given a code that can be retrieved at the receiver end. This allows multiple users to share bands of the same frequency, known as multiple access. Mobile operators in Bangladesh use Citycell, CDMA technology.

The transmission power on CDMA is very low. So the radiation is less when talking. So it is also called a green phone. Since the CDMA system requires less power, battery life increases. CDMA's call quality is relatively good. A CDMA system with the same bandwidth is 4 to 5 times more capable than a GCM system. Network cell site 110 km. Covers up. Its data transfer rate is 154-614 kbps. International roaming facilities at CDMA are inadequate. With less technology, the quality of transmission decreases as the user grows.

Advantages of CDMA Technology

  • Cell coverage area extends up to 110 km,
  • Data transfer rate 154-614 kbps,
  • Lack of transmission power so the radiation to speak is low,
  • The battery is a low cost,
  • 4-5 times more than GSM than bandwidth allocation,
  • Security is relatively high,
  • This technology is also called green phone technology due to its low electromagnetic radiation.

CDMA Disadvantages 

  • No handset access,
  • As the user grows, so does the quality of data transmission,
  • No international roaming facilities,
  • Its popularity and use are relatively low, etc.

Some Description of AIEK Card Phones are given below -

AIEK Q3 Mini Card Phone

The brand name is AIEK and the model number is Q3. The display size is 0.96 inches OLDE screen and the resolution of the screen is 128 x 64 pixels. This card phone supports Bluetooth, FM, MP3, Multilanguage, etc. The battery size is 800 mAh.

AIEK Q7 Mini Card Phone

The model number for this card phone in Q7. This phone supports networks GSM 900/1800 850/1900MHz. This phone supports a single sim.

AIEK Q5 Mini Card Phone

The model number of this mini phone is Q5. The dimension is 88 x 55 x 4mm. The capacity of the battery is 350mAh.

AjkerDeal offers a variety of AIEK card phones. To avail of a phone set, just browse, choose, and place an order on our website.