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AUD-101XLR - Ahuja Microphone - Black৳ 930
AUD-101XLR - Ahuja Microphone - Black৳ 1299
AHUJA SCM 10 XT PA Colum Speaker 10Watt 10,000Hz Black New Delhi৳ 1750
Ahuja CTP 10-DX Clip Microphone - Black৳ 1245
ahuja micophone 98XLR৳ 699
Ahuja AUD 100XLR unidrectional microphone৳ 665
Ahuja UTP-30 Microphone৳ 550
Ahuja HBM-60CC Headband Microphone (WITH 3.5 mm jack)৳ 990
Ahuja Microphone CTP-10DX৳ 499
ahuja utp 30 dx microphone৳ 899
Ahuja AUD 100XLR unidrectional microphone৳ 2050
Ahuja Clip Microphone৳ 1530
Neck Hanging Style Dual Cooling Fan৳ 990
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The present era is the age of information technology. Demand for video media has increased dramatically with the era. And watching video without audio is just like a curry without salt. The microphone is essential for audio recording. Without a microphone it is not possible to record audio without noise. So a microphone is a must for clear voice recording. Ahuja is one of the most popular names in the world of microphones at present. Cheap Price, Clear Noiseless Sound Recording Guaranteed, Perfect Microphone for Video & Audio. Ahuja is also very popular because of its small size, portability and so on. Ahuja has many types of products in . You can easily collect this product from fro personal video or vlogs or sound recordings.

Ahuja Microphone:

Ahuja is basically a famous sound system company in India. Beyond the sound system they have many types of projects. Their journey began in the 1940s and is still a very popular sound system brand. At present, the number of creative people is constantly increasing. Because the demand for creative content is and always is. And with the arrival of YouTube, the content of video content has grown even more. Audio videos are interconnected. So at present the demand for microphones for video content or audio content has also increased. The sound system is also widely used in various events. And you can handle those events very easily depending on Ahuja's sound system.

Product Details:

Ahuja has many types of products on our site. Many types and many models. You can collect those products by searching as you wish.

Ahuja Wired Microphone: This microphone is a handheld microphone and wired system. You have to connect the cable to the speaker.

Ahuja Bluetooth Microphone: This type of microphone basically works through the Bluetooth system. Able to provide coverage within a certain area, which is not likely to cause problems with the cable. Also very easy to move with microphone.

Ahuja Clip Microphone: These microphones are very small in size and perfect for those who create video content. This microphone can be easily clipped with a dress and connected to the camera to record vlog video or sound very easily. There are many advantages to carrying because of its small size. Since there is no disturbance of the charge, there is no fear of getting power off. Basically this microphone is the most widely used of the present. Besides, Imam Sahib can also be used for prayers in mosque. Plus it has an attractive cover bag that you can pack very nicely.

Product Quality:

Ahuja is currently the most used sound system. Ahuja microphone made by Best Materials has been the most responsive in the market. Its long-lasting capability and noiseless sound will always help you create beautiful content. It is also comparatively more affordable than other microphones. Ahuja does a lot of research before creating any new products. As a result, they leave the product in the market while keeping the quality of the product right. Besides, user reviews and positives. Ahuja microphone is suitable for use in any weather. Waterproof microphone You can use it comfortably in the rain or in bad weather. Besides, people of the profession of journalism can use easily.

Benefits of Ahuja :

Ahuja microphone is currently a widely used microphone brand. They provide the best quality products to their customers. It has many benefits -

Cheap Price: There are many types of microphones in the microphone market. But at the lowest price and the best microphone is the only one Ahuja is offering. Which is why Ahuja offers their best microphone for amateurs level content creators at very low rates.

Build Quality: Ahuja always strives to provide the best quality products. Therefore, the best raw materials are used in the manufacture of products which are not easily wasted.

In addition, always believes in the quality of the product and provides the best product to the buyers. So you can count on Ahuja's product.

Ahuja's Product Price on emphasizes on the quality of the product from the beginning and provides good quality product to the buyers at low prices. Many models of Ahuja have microphones. These products vary depending on the model. You can buy ahuja micophone-98xlr product from for only 700 tk. It's a handheld microphone. Again getting ahuja-ctp-10dx clip microphone for 950 tk only. Buying ahuja-microphone-ctp-10dx will cost you around tk 500. ahuja-microphone-ctp-10dx This model's microphone will cost 500tk. Also many other models have microphones in You can buy all these microphones from 400tk to 1500tk. From, Cordille has its own home delivery system that allows you to collect products at home easily.


Finally it may be said that creating video or audio content for your career building can be a good aspect. And ahuja provides microphones at a very low cost which will help you create your content. One of the most popular freelance carriers is currently YouTube content creation. Where you can earn a lot of money very easily. And in this case the microphone is definitely important. With which you can easily make your point. Those who are involved in music or music can also be guaranteed to have the smooth sound of Ahuja's microphone, which will be able to catch the audience without noise. Order, you can get ahuja microphone at home very easily.