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Buy AG Food Products Online at Best Price in Bangladesh

Processed food items such as frozen paratha, chicken nuggets and samosa have become widely popular with the country’s urban middle-class. Within this industry, the AG Agro Foods Ltd is leading the market because of many unique factors. Several frozen food products are sold under their brand name. AG Agro Foods Ltd. produces high-quality frozen chicken products such as nuggets, sausages, meat balls, burger patties, marinated chicken parts and ethnic products such as paratha, singara, samosa, halal green chicken meat spring roll to meet customer health and food safety demands.

About AG Agro Foods Ltd.

AG Agro Foods Ltd. is producing Green Chicken from its own farms. All chicken products made from Green Chicken. Green Chicken is fed with 100% vegetarian diet, free from MBM (meat and bone meal), Antibiotics & Chemical Residue. AG Agro Foods Ltd. Is exporting their products to several countries including UAE, Korea, Canada, Italy And Australia.

AG Agro Foods Limited is a concern of AHSAN GROUP, one of Bangladesh 's major conglomerates. Created in the year 1986. Since then, the group has been operating in a variety of sectors including trade (agro, fertilizer, etc.), land development, housing & real estate, poultry & fish feed mills, breeder farm, hatchery, investment, ceramics, etc.

In 2015 AG Agro Foods Ltd. began operations. It has been operating in the agro sector since its inception, including the production of green chicken from its own controlled farms and the marketing of premium quality halal processed whole chicken and its parts. This processing is carried out by contemporary European automated machines subject to strict quality control as per international standard. The chicken brand name for the product is Green Chicken.

New Era of Frozen Foods

The frozen food market is one of Bangladesh 's agricultural subsectors. Frozen food contributes nearly 23 per cent of total agricultural exports. The frozen food industry in Bangladesh is growing rapidly because of growing urbanization and rising disposable income. With rapid urbanisation and an expanding middle class, the market for processed frozen foods in the country has crossed $95 million or around Tk 800 crore.

Experts say a fast-paced urban life, rising disposable income, increasing number of women in the workforce, and shortage time, along with the preference for nuclear families are major contributors to the growing acceptance for the ‘ready to cook’ foods among the middle-class, as preparation of these involve much less time and hassle.

Processed Plant of  AG Agro Foods Ltd.

Establishment: June 2015

Location: Uzilab, Mawna, Gazipur

Production Capacity: 01 MT/hr

Cold Room: 2

Blast Freezing Room:1

Flake Ice Machine

Water Plant: WTP & ETP

Security: Footbath, Pest Control, etc.

Further Processed

Establishment: June 2016

Location: Doniachala, Mouchak, Gazipur

Production Capacity: 4.5 MT/Day

Cold Room: 2 Nos

Blast Freezing Room: 2 Nos

Flake Ice Machine

Security: Pest Control, etc.

Water Plant: WTP & ETP

Hygienic standards of AG Agro Foods Ltd.

AG Agro Foods Ltd. acquired certification of approval of Food Safety Management System (FSMS), ISO 22000 : 2005. This certification is valid for the production, export, selling and marketing of frozen foodstuffs.

AG Agro Foods Ltd. gives health promises that it's frozen products have been strictly carried. These health promises are exceptional in Bangladesh.

MBM (meat and bone meal) free feed: Chickens are grown on feed which does not contain any MBM or Meat and Bone Meal. This is why chickens do not have any dangerous bacteria being contained and the products are free from bacteria.

No antibiotic residue: Sometimes, chickens are provided with antibiotics to cure the infections of bacteria on farms but there are no residual antibiotics in AG Foods products.

No harmful preservatives: There are no harmful preservatives in AG Foods products.

Products of  AG Foods :

AG Foods has a huge number of products in different varieties. Frozen items are :-

Aloo Puri (454g) Pack

Chicken Meat Ball Spicy (250g) Box

Chicken Strips (250g) Box

Chicken Burger Patty (200g) Box

Chicken Cutlet (200g) Box

Mini Chicken Samosa (250g) Box

Mini Chicken Singara (300g) Box

Mini Chicken Spring Roll (250g) Box

Dal Puri (454g) Box

Chicken Drumsticks (500g) Box

Giblet Singara (300g) Box

Chicken Hot Wings (500g) Box

Chicken Nuggets Kids (250g) Box

Red Roti

Red Wheat Rooti (800g) Pack

Chicken Sausage Spicy (340g) Pack

Chicken Nuggets Spicy (250g) Box

Vegetable Samosa (300g) Box

Vegetable Samosa (400g) Box

Vegetable Spring Roll (300g) Box

Deshi Paratha Economy (600g) Pack

Plain Paratha Family (1300g) Pack

Plain Paratha Convenient (650g) Pack

Chicken Shami Kebab (250g) Box

French Fries (500g) Pack

Luchi (350g) Box

AG Food Products in

Frozen foods are becoming popular every day because there are no hassles of cutting and washing, cooked in oil only. One of the earliest online consumer shopping experience in Bangladesh has all kinds of AG Foods frozen products including dressed and boneless chicken with very reasonable price. If you are looking for a window shop in ‘Ready to cook’ foods in Bangladesh then browse and go for your convenience shopping.