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fashionable-t-shirt৳ 280
Mens Adidas Round neck t-shirt৳ 219
Mens Adidas Round neck t-shirt৳ 219
Mens Adidas Round neck t-shirt৳ 219
Adidas Gents Full Sleeve Cotton T-Shirt৳ 280
Adidas Original Mens Half Sleeve T-shirt৳ 162
Adidas Spons Sandal৳ 850
Adidas Men's Casual Trousers (Copy)৳ 777
Men's Adidas Trouser (Copy)৳ 777
Adidas printed t shirt for men ৳ 433
Adidas Russia World Cup 2018 Telstar Top Riplioue Football৳ 720
Adidas Gents Cotton T-Shirt৳ 280
Adidas Russia World Cup 2018 Telstar Top Riplioue Football৳ 720
Adidas Menz Half Sleev Tshirt৳ 192
fashionable-t-shirt৳ 150
fashionable-t-shirt৳ 150
fashionable-t-shirt৳ 170
Adidas printed Men's Full Sleeve T- shirt copy ৳ 299
Adidas printed Men's Full Sleeve T- shirt copy ৳ 208
Menz Adidas T Shirt৳ 350
Adidas printed Men's Full Sleeve T- shirt copy ৳ 490
Adidas Converse (Copy)৳ 2800
Adidas Half Sleeve T Shirt For Men-Copy৳ 146
Adidas Printed Backpack- 07৳ 1150
Adidas Printed Backpack- 05৳ 1150
Adidas Printed Backpack- 04৳ 1350
Adidas Printed Backpack- 03৳ 1350
Adidas Men's Casual Trousers (Copy)৳ 777
Adidas Men's Casual Trousers (Copy)৳ 777
Adidas Gents Full Sleeve Cotton T-Shirt৳ 280
Mens Adidas Round neck t-shirt৳ 219
Mens Adidas Round neck t-shirt৳ 219
Mens Adidas Round neck t-shirt৳ 219
Men’s Adidas Round neck t-shirt৳ 219
Mens Adidas Round neck t-shirt৳ 219
Mens Adidas Round neck t-shirt৳ 180
Adidas Gents Half Sleeve Cotton T-Shirt৳ 350
Adidas Gents Cotton T-Shirt৳ 240
Adidas Super Skinny Rib Trouser for Women's.৳ 777
Adidas Mens Sports Wrist Watch-copy-Black and blue ৳ 549
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Everybody knows the brand Adidas for its remarkable three-stripe logo. Adidas started its root in Germany, a global company, who build their company to develop the lifestyle for people who love sports. Adidas targets the lifestyle of a sports lover, on and off the field of play with the belief that sports are meant to be embedded within every culture, which plays a fundamental role in shaping our society and is a core component to an individual’s health and happiness. This is why Adidas truly believe that sports hold the power to change the lives of people and with this mission to introduce sports in people’s lives, Adidas created, distributed and engaged with customers from all around the world. Athletes are hesitant to settle for anything that’s not good enough, that is why they make sure to create the best of what is expected by the sports and fitness products. The products are designed with immense priority to offer the best services, the sustainability of the product and an astonishing experience that will make you want to adapt to the lifestyle the Adidas have got to offer.



Adidas started its journey in 1949 and consistently became the Europe’s largest sportswear, and second-largest in the world. Adidas produces a range of clothing items which includes, t-shirt, jackets, hoodies, pants, and leggings. The main sport Adidas focuses on is the Football kits, as Football (Soccer) is the most popular form of sport admired by a huge mass number of audience in the world. They produce all kinds of football kits and equipment, remaining as a major supplier for the international association of football teams and clubs. They even cover the referee kits for the international countries and leagues of the world. In 1979 the company became the best innovator in the area of footwear, with an outstanding production of Copa Mundial boots, especially designed for players to play in dry pitches. It still is the best selling boot of all time. Since 1970 the FIFA commissioned specially designed footballs for the games in the world cup tournaments. Ever since the deal, Adidas has produced remarkable footballs that are admired by both the football players and the fans from all around the world. The design of the football was so epic that it became an item for the collectors and admirers to showcase the history of football.


From time to time Adidas provided baseball equipment and sponsors for major league baseball, Nippon professional baseball and the New York Yankees. Providing equipments for other games such as Basketball, Cricket, Golf, Gymnastics, Lacrosse, Running, Skateboarding, Tennis, Kabaddi, etc. Adidas also makes remarkable designs for accessories such as slide sandals, mobile accessories, watches, eyewear, bags socks, perfume, lotions, deodorants and aftershave.

Adidas believes in winning at games. They think the motive to win is what games are surrounded by. Adidas help emits the energy to make the right decision for the players and the fans to look forward to winning games. They inspire people to take risks by trying out newer challenges in life but if failed then never give up on trying again. Every failure is a part of the game. It opens up possibilities to try out something new. All the people in a field during a game are all teammates that help the game going, coaches, referee, opponents, fans, everyone is making you stronger for the game in every way possible. Adidas will help you believe in the power of innovation to generate new ideas, explore, gain an edge and stand out to be unique in front of the world. Adidas promotes the most creative way to understand sports through their products. It also provides you with the mental strength which helps you to get inside the mindset and the behaviour of people who are determined and passionate about winning.

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