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Founded in 1984 by Adrian Dickens, a graduate of Cambridge University, adder  Technology has become a leader in technology connectivity solutions and high-performance IP KVM. For more than 35 years, Adder has been developing and producing leading marketing products that bring customer control and peace of mind by operating mission-critical applications across a wide range of industries.


Adder  Hall prides itself on being part of a rewarding and inspiring business and providing an exciting and creative environment for future growth and success. This entrepreneurial spirit is embedded in the company culture, making Adder an organization that inspires and celebrates its employees. Seamlessly looking at innovation, Addar is a company at the top of technical engineering.

Our solution

adder 's innovative range of high-performance IP KVM solutions enhances user experience, ergonomics, and workflows. Sitting on top of an advanced portfolio of over 200 products, the AdLink Infinity range enables users to expand from one desk to multiple computers with the 'PC' experience and switch between multiple computers.

The solution uses standard networking infrastructure or IP Matrix flagship ayadder era which the underlying flexibility, significant cost savings and improved resilience when compared to other proprietary solutions, offers integration with the existing infrastructure as well as the specific needs of these means of previous investments are protected Bong has been reduced to prevent the operation.

Broadcast and media

Broadcast video and audio signal without compromising on signal quality or clarity Connecting everything from gallery control/master control room (MCR), external broadcast, and radio through post-production and dubbing theaters to the world of broadcasts Mouse) system.

adder 's high-performance IP KVM solutions can be integrated with existing in-house infrastructure and networking equipment, building and improving the overall system, and bringing reliability and flexibility benefits.

Control room

Emergency call centers, air traffic control, secure data centers, manufacturing centers, power stations, and military facilities are high-pressure, time-limited, and mission-critical control room environments that meet strict standards and targets.

adder 's high-performance IP KVM (keyboard, video, and mouse) solutions are installed worldwide to bring reliability, safety, and efficiency benefits to the control room environment, as well as ergonomic improvements. Systems are fully flexible and scalable as requirements evolve.

Energy and Utilities

Managing the production and distribution of energy and utilities across the country and around the world often requires the integration of various complex systems to enable users to access reliable, accurate data and share reliable, accurate data through easily accessible interfaces.

adder 's high-performance IP KVM (keyboard, video, and mouse) solutions are installed worldwide to bring reliability, safety, and efficiency benefits to the control room environment, as well as ergonomic improvements. Systems are fully flexible and scalable as requirements evolve.


Efficiency, safety, and security are key to local and remote management of complex and growing transport networks, including road, rail, marine, and aviation.

adder has a history of bringing ergonomic and secure access facilities to transportation management environments, making it easy to access defined aspects within a well-organized computer system of housing in protected, environmentally-controlled areas.

Information Center

The management and control of large-scale data centers often require secure, reliable, and affordable connection solutions worldwide.

Adder high-performance IP KVM (keyboard, video, and mouse) solutions allow secure sharing of data across multiple networks, including support for a wide range of USB devices and functions. The design of the system is adapted as future proof and with unlimited flexibility to extend as needed.


The medical imaging, pharmaceutical, and healthcare sectors require special skills and collaboration between clinicians, technicians, and administrators to manage information in the medical environment.

Adder provides high-performance IP KVM (keyboard, video, and mouse) technology, using portable switches and extender.

Financial services

In the financial world, from personal and corporate banking to trading floor environments, data must be fully protected and systems must respond immediately. The integrity of data in day-to-day processes or crisis management situations should be total and there should be no margin of error.

Addar has developed a comprehensive KVM (keyboard, video, and mouse) solution to respond to the rigid demands of financial institutions.


There are very specific requirements for ensuring secure, remote access to networks at large sites when providing industrial production such as plant, warehousing, construction or agricultural protection, and productivity assurance.

adder 's high-performance IP KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) solution brings many benefits to the industrial environment. A minimum amount of equipment can be employed to maximize the efficiency, reliability, and security of the system.

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