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ACNESTAR soap 75gm, INDIA৳ 550
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Acne may be a long-lasting inflammatory skin condition which may cause spots and pimples forming on the skin. It especially affects the face, shoulders, neck, back, arms, and chest. a number of the sorts of acne are blackheads, whiteheads, cysts, nodules, and pimples. it's a really common skin condition across the planet and has gotten quite a lot of publicity thanks to various news outlets carrying stories on various celebrities affected by it.

Acne especially occurs during puberty, when the body goes through major changes and hormones are ‘raging’, resulting in the sebaceous glands being activated. This doesn’t mean it cannot occur at the other age. And while it isn’t harmful, it normally leaves scars behind. It occurs because the sebaceous glands secrete oil, and is stimulated by the hormones secreted by the adrenal glands in both women and men.

Although there are tons of things believed to trigger acne, the most reason is claimed to flow from an increase in androgen levels. With this in mind, let’s have a glance at one treatment to acne, the Acnestar Gel.


Composition and Nature of Acnestar Gel:

It is made from a mixture of Clindamycin topical (1% w/w) and Nicotinamide (4% w/w). It's manufactured by Mankind Pharma Ltd and comes within the sort of a gel.


Uses of Acnestar Gel:

Acnestar Gel is employed to treat acne, aside from a spread of other bacterial infections like pneumonia, pelvic disease, bone or joint infections, tympanic cavity infections, streptococcal sore throat, and endocarditis. other conditions it's wont to treat are:

Skin aging

Bacterial infections of skin

Skin and skin structure infections

Vitamin b3 deficiency

Skin irritation


The components present within the gel are often administered orally, via foam, gel, lotion, or cream or intravenously. It belongs to a category of antibiotics referred to as lincosamides.

However, acne serves its purpose as a gel that's applied directly on top of the affected area.


Side Effects of Acnestar Gel:

Some of the side effects are often of rare occurrence, but serious. Here may be a list of such side effects thanks to consumption:

Dry skin

Skin peeling


Urinating not in the least or but normal

Redness of skin


Burning sensation at the location of application

Nausea, rashes on skin

Body aches


Easy bruising or unusual bleeding

If one gets any allergies thanks to this gel, contact a doctor immediately.


Common Dosage of Acnestar Gel:

It should be applied within the dose and time as suggested by the physician. One also can check the packaging for directions on the way to use the merchandise. It's advised to use the affected area and let it stay for a short time before rinsing. Completing the dose is crucial else the condition could continue worsening. It should be remembered that a patient, if he/she is under the other quiet medication, should inform the physician of an equivalent. Sometimes, affected by other health issues can cause susceptibility to side effects, so inform the doctor of any such conditions also.


How Acnestar Gel works?

Acnestar Gel blocks bacteria from synthesizing protein, and will only be wont to for treatment of bacterial infections and not against viruses, during conditions like cold and flu. The drug may be a mixture of two medicines: clindamycin topical and nicotinamide, which helps prevent pimples (acne). Clindamycin topical is an antibiotic which penetrates the skin and kills acne-causing bacteria. Nicotinamide may be a sort of B-complex vitamin that produces anti-inflammatory effects when applied to the skin, thus reducing swelling, redness, and tenderness, all of which are related to acne.


Warnings and Precautions When to Avoid Acnestar Gel:

It is better to avoid alcohol during the dosage period, albeit interaction results are unknown. There are not any results to be used when pregnant either, so the doctor’s advice is best. Lactating women cannot use the drug because it could also be found in breastmilk as a consequence. Kidney patients can use the drugs with no worries. Liver patients should perhaps make adjustments in dose, and a fast ask the doctor would be recommended.

Acnestar Gel also doesn't affect the ability to drive since it doesn't sedate the body in the least. As an extension, heavy machinery also can be used.

Drug interactions could change the workings of any prior medication and will also increase the danger of any serious side effects. it's best to not start, stop, or change the dosage of any medication unless approval is received from the doctor. a number of the medicines that this drug could react with are gentamicin, Ethinyl estradiol, and cholera vaccine.


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Acnestar Gel blocks bacteria from synthesizing protein, and will only be used for the treatment of bacterial infections and not against viruses, during conditions like cold and flu. The drug may be a mixture of two medicines: clindamycin topical and nicotinamide, which helps prevent pimples (acne).