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Unstitched Three Peach Cotton Dress Skin Print৳ 1100
Aarong Classic Sliced Cheese 200 gm৳ 250
Aarong Dairy Butter 100 gm৳ 100
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Aarong Bangladesh



Aarong Bengali for ‘village fair’ is Bangladesh’s most famous lifestyle retail chain. This ethical brand founded in 1978 as a simple means to empower provincial artisans to rise over poverty. Now, among 20 retail stores over Bangladesh and up to 100 fashion and lifestyle product lines, Aarong helps 65,000 artisans with fair terms of trade. Revolutionizing the retail industry among high standards for quality and artistry, this iconic brand compounds the traditional among the contemporary in ways that never desist to win consumer demand both at home and abroad.


During 1976, when BRAC the world’s biggest development organization occupied a small number of rural women to create crafts, their only buyers were a few separate retailers in Dhaka. Weeks, even months would pass within supply and payment, until BRAC interceded and established Aarong to give the rural women for their goods on time. Across the past four decades, Aarong has carved out a bizarre market segment for handicrafts, improving Bangladesh’s rich heritage and influencing the lives of more than 325,000 people over 850 small entrepreneurs and the Ayesha Abed Foundation. The foundation operates as Aarong’s production hub, where artisans get employment and entrance to BRAC’s holistic support including, maternal health care, hygiene awareness and subsidized latrines, micro-credit, legal aid, daycare and education for their kids.  


From clay pots to diamond jewelry, and silk and cotton fabrics to brass and leather merchandise, Aarong’s wide range of innovative goods, backed by a robust supply chain and distribution network, presents Aarong exactly a household brand in Bangladesh. Its growing proximity outside of Bangladesh through fair-trade networks and the online shop extends to broaden the market for Bangladeshi crafts globally, producing more possibilities for artisans to preserve their age-old art and livelihoods.


Values of Arrong


The values are the corresponding as those of BRAC – an organization that gave the world phenomenal progress among its holistic approach to development. Among over 300,000 people over the country benefitting from our initiatives, our values prevail as a constant origin of inspiration and pride for us.

They value innovation that produces opportunities for the poor to lift themselves out of hunger. They endeavor to display global leadership in ground-breaking expansion initiatives.

We appreciate integrity because transparency and accountability are the most inherent components of our work ethic. Among clear policies and systems, they proceed to display the utmost level of courage in our financial dealings. 

They are devoted to inclusiveness to assure that they engage, support and recognize the importance of all members of society, notwithstanding of race, religion, gender, nationality, ethnicity, age, physical or mental ability, socioeconomic status and geography. 

We evaluate effectiveness in the whole of our work, which invariably challenge ourselves to achieve better and to develop and deepen the influence of our interventions.

Ayesha Abed


Founded in 1982, the Ayesha Abed was tributed to one of Bangladesh´s greatest social activists of the 70s. Ayesha Abed engaged herself to the issues of education, training and employment chances for disadvantaged women. She admitted many of the major activities facing these concerns. 


Following her steps, AAF sprang out in Bangladesh´s central district Manikganj. The central goal was to empower illiterate and accordingly discriminated women. The foundation selected skilled craftsmen to assist train village women in stitching, weaving and dyeing. To this day AAF gives the women among financial, technical and skill- development training in enhancement to regular work. Working mothers have entrance to daycare centers for their toddlers while they work, and senior workers obtain a retirement compensation.

To proceed up among a first collection of embroidered textiles, the foundation started to study and catalog the designs and leitmotifs of traditional art usages by visiting museums, venerable craft masters and private collectors. They experimented with every kind of native mode of design and materials.




Directorate of National Consumers' Right Protection (DNCRP) confiscated Tk4.5 lakh to Uttara tear of Aarong and filled it for a day for deceiving the similar products at double price within a gap of five days. Following on a client's ailment that Aarong was selling a Panjabi after almost doubling its price, DNCRP officials toured the chain’s flagship store on Jashimuddin Avenue at Uttara on May 31, 2019, and confiscated them after spotting the affirmation to be true. Monjur Mohammad Shahriar, deputy director of Directorate of National Consumers' Right Protection (DNCRP) began the drive.


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