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Bio xin Cosmeceuticals

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Bio xin Cosmeceuticals




Bio-Xin is a pioneer in aesthetic beautification in Bangladesh. Dermo cosmetics, Color cosmetics, Skin treatment & Fitness solution- all beauty solution under one roof.

Best quality and best customer service are the prime principles of our company. Breakthrough technologies and innovative products are the main primacy. Bio-Xin Cosmeceuticals combines excellence in the field of all skin care solutions

Being ethical in all aspects of our business is a priority for us, be it in how we work, how we deal with and treat others or in the goods we purchase. Where everybody thinks that’s enough, Bio-Xin Cosmeceuticals starts from there. We know what we are, what we do and why we do. The company is governed by highly motivated professional with special expertise in the field of health care, skin care, fitness and food. By our research we find out the latest and cost effective solution for our customer

BIO-XIN dedicated to provide permanent solution for skin related problems for female.

Our mission is to expand our knowledge in natural skin care, create exceptional products, educate and give back to the community. Offering a wide range of holistic skin care along with cutting edge technology, we incorporate our extensive global trainings into each treatment. We know everyone has beauty, but not the whole world appreciates it. Bio-Xin stands there to escalate the true beauty. Our clients are our friends and we take our relationships very seriously..

We devote our effort to providing our customers with the best and latest products and services..

Our Objectives:

Our objective is to improve the quality of our lives by introducing products which protect our health and beauty. Being ethical in all aspects of our business is a priority for us. We hold the secret to looking and feeling radiant at any age. With our services we try to embrace customer’s natural beauty, inside and out. We are committed to providing customer with state of the art treatments and the highest safety protocols. We not only want our clients to relax and enjoy their treatment and products but also want them to see their skin progress!

Our Vision:

Over the period of time, Bio-Xin Skin Care Clinic has emerged as a leader in providing all kind of skin and hair care solutions. Quality has always been the topmost preference of our company. Exceptional concern is given to every phase of progression of planning, preliminary from the very former phase of detecting a problem, till it is treated. In this way we didn’t call ourselves unique, rather than we proved it.


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  • Dermo Cosmetics
  • Skin Treatment
  • Fitness/Slimming Center
  • Color Cosmetics



This valuable merchant has been working with us since 11th December, 2019.