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Magic Hose Pipe

৳ 640/-

Magic Hose Pipe

৳ 899/-

Hose Pipes in Bangladesh | Magic Hose Pipe

Hose pipes are basically a channel by which you can supply water to your desired distance. Hose pipes are mainly used to provide water in the garden or clean the car. In our daily lives, hose pipes are considered as one of the important equipment.

On, the largest online shopping site of Bangladesh,  there are  plenty of collections of hose pipe. In some cases, they are known as ‘magic hose pipe’. There are variations in their lengths as well. On AjkerDeal, you will discover the length variations from 35 ft. to 150 ft. Most of the hosepipes are extendable, which means the length will be extended when you stretch the pipe.

The hosepipes are not too much heavy to carry, so you can carry them very easily; even you can easily put them in the boot of your car. The quality of the products of is very high; those hosepipes are also durable and long lasting. We check the quality of every hose pipe before display them on our Site; so, you can rely on AjkerDeal for your hose pipe without any doubt. By hose pipe you can clean your home, office or kitchen. You will find various types of colors for these pipes on our  site; so you have the liberty to choose your favorite color from a large collection of hose pipes.

So, purchase your necessary hose pipe online  from!