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Halda Valley Tea Company Ltd.




Halda Valley Food & Beverage Ltd.

Our story began in 2003 when PNL Holdings Limited, one of the prominent corporate houses of Bangladesh, acquired Halda Valley Tea Estate with a vision to produce high quality tea. Today, we are privileged to grow exceptional quality tea for millions of tea lovers every day. Halda Valley Tea Estate is one of the model “A” category gardens with 100% permanent irrigation system and 99% clone tea plants. It was awarded the first prize in Tree Plantation Category by The Government of Bangladesh in 2010.
After 13 years of inception it became the highest yielding garden through its impeccable management, best quality plants, total plantation and production process etc. , which complemented by the world standard permanent irrigation system. It’s per hector production is 3275 kgs in 2016, whereas, the national production average is 1320 kgs per hector.
Our main objective is to produce best quality of tea for internal consumption, branding for domestic market and for export purposes. Which meet the needs of the consumers; maintaining this approach the company aims to branding the product:
• Produce Quality of tea by using the land properly
• To develop a model tea garden in Bangladesh
• Enhanced stakeholder value
• Mutually beneficial relationships with regional and national government

Founding Date: Founded in 2003



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  • Dragon Well Green Tea
  • Silver Needle White Tea
  • Golden Eyebrow Black Tea




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