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Now-a-days, mobile phone is just not a device to talk but it is adding more and more features. As a result, these phones  consume a lot of power. Naturally, the necessity of power bank is also to a great extent. Now, carrying a separate power bank sometimes cause hassles. That is why, modern technology has combined two devices  together-mobile phone & power bank.  And people are becoming much interested  to possess a mobile cum power bank at their collection.

Considering such demand of the customers, the largest online shopping site of Bangladesh,, has arranged a nice collection of  mobile cum power banks. You can get a smart mobile cum power bank online on AjkerDeal.

This device is basically a mobile phone  but there is a power bank built-in with it. There are variations in the capacity  of the attached power banks as well. So, you can choose your favorite mobile cum power bank from a number of options from this online shopping platform.

Usually, such mobile phones are not large like the other smart phones. Through this mobile phone you can do operate all regular  functions of a mobile phone; but additionally, with this device,  you can charge your phone on the go.

There are variations in their designs, colors and price range. From a huge collection of, you can obtain your favorite mobile cum power bank very easily. Such product can solve the problem of your mobile charging.

Stay connected with and buy your favorite mobile cum power bank online very easily. We also have a good collection of feature phones you can also look if you need. Thanks for shopping with us!