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On the earlier days, when mobile phones were not available like today, desk phones were the only way of distant verbal communication for us. Still the necessity of desk phones are not over; because, some people, especially the elderly ones do not feel comfortable to use mobile phones. Beisdes, for its mobility, in some places, especially in the offices, mobile phones are not much suitable; so, desk phones are still needed in offices. Sim supported desk phone are now very essential to our home applinces products.

But at the same time, we cannot deny the influence of mobile phones in our daily lives; that is why, the combination of two concepts have been designed together in a SIM supported desk phone. the most popular  online shopping Site of Bangladesh, has got plenty of SIM supported desk phones for its customers. If needed, you can conveniently buy a SIM supported desk phone online from

Huawei SIM supported desk phone in Bangladesh is the most popular in its category. These Huawei telephone sets support any type of  GSM/ 2G/ 3G SIM. They have messeging system, phonebook & contact management. They provide high quality voice & strong network. These phones are portable & rechargeable. You can also enjoy FM radio through these Huawei telephone sets.

Beside Huwaei, on this largest online shopping platform of Bangladesh, you will discover the presence of world class brands like Panasonic, TDK and others. There are phones which you can use single and double SIM in. Most of the desk phones have got the facility to store contacts like mobile phones. On the other hand, you will also get the opportunity to send and receive text messages as well. Those phones are rechargeable and portable; so you can carry  them very easily. SIM supported desk phones can support 3G network and their strength of capturing signal is also very high. As a customer, you will see the difference of colors, price and design.

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