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Buy Gift Card Online in Bangladesh:

A gift card is a money storing card. Where you can store money by prepaying. It is also known as a gift voucher or gift token. It is mainly issued by a retail shop or a bank. It is mainly given by the company or organization to it’s a valuable customer as a gift or a symbol of appreciation. The gift cards can only be used to the organization or retailer to buy their products or a certain type of product. It can not be cashed out. From the buyer’s point of view, gift card is a gift. If the seller would have given me a product that I might not need, if he gives me cash as a gift, it might be socially inappropriate. So, the sellers came up with this great idea of gift cards. It is now very popular around the world. Also in Bangladesh, it is getting popular day by day. You can now buy gift cards online in Bangladesh. There are some gift cards on ajkerdeal. 

Google Play Gift Card:

Google Play is an online distributor developed by the Google company. It is the official application software store for the android operating system. It allows the android users to browse and download apps that were developed and published by google play. It also offers television, books, movies and music. Though most of the applications and services of google play id free, but there are some applications and service and to enjoy those you have to pay. To pay you must have an international credit card or you can have a Google Play gift cards and pay for those. You can now buy Google Play gift cards online in Bangladesh. Ajkerdeal has the Google Play gift card that you can

Netflix Gift Card:

Netflix is an American Media and production company. The headquarters of the company is in Los Gatos, California. It was established in 1997. The primary business of the company is streaming based subscription pack. Netflix has over 145 million paid subscribers around the world. The subscription is monthly based subscription. You have to pay a certain amount of money to renew the subscription. And this also needs an international credit card. But if you have a NetFlix gift card, you can pay and enjoy the service. You can buy Netflix gift card online in BD on

Other Gift Cards:

There are some other gift cards available on ajkerdeal. We have Gaana+ gift cards. Gaana+ is an online streaming music player originally from India. You can buy it online. There is also NordVPN and Spotify gift cards available on ajkerdeal. You also can buy Netflix premium subscription on