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Walton MOP Set

৳ 2,000/-

Healthy Spray Mop

৳ 1,499/-

Scratch Remover

৳ 750/-

Hole saw set

৳ 483/-

Household tools and machineries in Bangladesh | AjkerDeal provides wide numbers of tools &machineries online for you daily household necessaries.

Now, cleaning has become very easy with modern cleaning products. Discover all types of cleaning products from There are vacuum cleaner, air blower machine, home cleaning mop, micro-fiber dust cleaning gloves, magic hose pipe, glass cleaner for cleaning house, car, electronic products or others.

There also contain Jet water pump with heavy powerful motor.Hand water pump can be easily used to dispense water by pressing over it. There are also rechargeable water pump which runs with battery.

We have also included flexible & extendable magic hose pipe which are suitable to clean house, car or garden with water. They also come with different size.

There are insect repellent to kill mosquitos, cockroaches, mouse and other insects. There are many ways to kill them. Our site enriches with ultrasonic pest killer, mosquito killing lamp, pest killer net, suction type mosquito killing lamp, mosquito racket and many more to keep you safe from mosquitoes.

There are also multi-functional tools including drill machine set, wrench, screw-driver set, socket set, pliers which are essential for industrial work or for household works also. They also perform various functions.

There are scratch remover kit which can safely removes scratches from car easily & quickly. They are also available at

We provide door bell & locks for the safety & security of your house and vehicles. There are security alarm lock, self-combination lock available at

Check out our hot melt glue gun with glue sticks which are effective for wooden products, artificial flower, craft project, furniture etc.

Hanging weight scales are perfect for weighting travel bags. They are ideal to let you know exactly how much you are carrying before boarding.

There are also fire extinguisher, multi-plug & hub available at our site. Browse through and make your household works more easier with latest tools and machineries.